The MSM is Attacking CopBlockers, We Must Be Doing it Right!

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There has been a tidal wave of people waking up to the encroaching police state over the last 18 months.

The CopBlock Facebook page has grown from a mere 100,000 fans in November of 2013 to over 800,000 today; gaining over 40,000 fans, just this week.

Word is getting out that police are transitioning from Barney Fife to Darth Vader and the people are demanding peaceful change; it is working.


Police misconduct has gotten so out of hand that even the federal government has had to step in to investigate.

Citizens are stepping up to the plate and holding police accountable through filming police interaction and in some cases pulling cops over to show then that they are NOT above the law.

The Free Thought has gone from a ranking of about 100,000 in the US to just over 1,000 and we are still climbing. Out of the billions of websites in the world, The Free Thought Project is now ranked just over 5,000th.

Holding the police accountable is popular like never before; which is why the movement has garnished the attention of the mainstream media. Unfortunately and predictably, most of this attention is not positive.

Last week Yahoo! News put out a hit piece equating filming cops with mass murder. They mentioned a post made to CopBlock’s Facebook page in reference to the shootings in Las Vegas:

“The good news is, there are two less police in the world,” read an entry on the Facebook page for

What they did not mention is that the person who made that post was quickly banned from posting. The reason that this cause has so much support is because it is peaceful. The moment that people begin enacting violence or even praising it, is the moment all this momentum goes down the drain.

Next up on the bandwagon of disinformation is FOX News whose police state cheerleading is overt and in your face.

On the O’Reilly factor Monday, talking heads Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly, curtseyed to the police state like the loyal Praetorian Guards that they are.

The argument against holding police accountable is so weak that the logical fallacies applied during their “report” reach staggering levels as they try to justify their ludicrous assertions. We will address a few of the obvious ones below:

–For starters they build a strawman and try to equate filming cops with “spying on cops.” Not the same thing Bill! To spy, one must furtively record, or clandestinely view. Copblockers are out in the open.

“If you mention that these cops were followed, then they were only followed after they were seen going over 15+mph over the posted limit, which the video shows.” Joseph Tye explains to The Free Thought Project.

–The more they realize that their ignorant stance holds no water, they resort to attacking the personal traits of Joseph Tye by calling him, “Paul Bunyan” and a “Biker.” Dear talking heads, that is called ad hominemThey mentioned nothing about these Texas CopBlockers catching cops speeding at 15+ mph over the speed limit, twice, on the same night.

–The next fallacy to be used by these blowhards is the slippery slope fallacy. Megyn Kelly claims that if we continue to allow people to film cops, “there is a question of where all this could end up,” insinuating, like Yahoo! News did, that filming cops means you want to kill cops.

–Finally this rag of a “report” tries to appeal to emotion by laughing at the fact that CopBlock co-founder, Ademo Freeman, said he was “a two-time victim of the drug war.”

If you are Megyn Kelly or Bill O’Reilly, being kidnapped and locked in a cage for possessing a plant is not only 100% justified, it is funny.

Instead of relying on Fox News to tell us that Ademo Freeman is a criminal druggy, the Free Thought Project contacted Freeman, who is also successful owner of Suns of Liberty Mint, to find out exactly what happened.

The first time Freeman was arrested and charged with a felony for victimless crimes, he was trading marijuana for money from a willing costumer; something that happens to be completely legal now, in multiple states.

The second time, Freeman says, “it was a fishing expedition by the local police.” He was arrested and charged with yet another felony for possessing a “dime bag of weed.”

Freeman goes on to explain, “If anyone is upset that organizations like CopBlock exist, then they haven’t been asking the right questions. CopBlock doesn’t exist solely because I was arrested in the past, it exists because police are the enforcers of an oppressive government and people are realizing it.”


Regardless of your political views or affiliations, recognizing oppressive violence transcends party lines.

The militarization of police affects everyone. Despite what FOXSNBCNN says, Liberals, conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians, socialists, and anarchists agree….the police state is here.

With tens of thousands of SWAT raids a year, it is only a matter of time before it’s your son, your daughter, your mother or your father, that is victimized by the leviathan that is Police State USA.

Millions of people are arrested, locked in cages or killed every year for victimless crimes. Small towns across America are getting MRAPs and police look more like a standing army on a daily basis.

If the establishment presstitute media is attacking your peaceful organization that stands against such tyranny, then you are doing something right.

The question is not, “Why are organizations like CopBlock gaining support?” The question is “Who in their right mind can continue to support such a tyrannical state?”

The Free Thought Project is conducting its own action to resist and reverse this tyranny. Stay tuned to find out the official date of when the world stands up together and says #no more drug war!

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