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Partnership With The Free Thought Project to Bring DASH to Millions


The Free Thought Project is proposing a longterm relationship with DASH in order to promote and grow the DASH cryptocurrency and continue to spread the ideas of liberty. As mainstream media continues to attempt to snub out opposing ideas like cryptocurrency and those who challenge the status quo we propose a partnership to use our organic reach to punch through the narrative and bring these ideas to the masses.

The Free Thought Project is arguably one of the largest liberty-minded alternative media outlets in the world reaching tens of millions every single month on social media alone. With a DASH partnership, we could combine our forces to change the face of media as we know it while exposing millions to the power of DASH.

About the Free Thought Project

The Free Thought Project went online in October of 2013. Within only months, we quickly excelled to an Alexa ranking in the top 2,500 websites in the world. In short, we filled a void in the information paradigm by refusing to report unprovable conspiracy theories and focus on government accountability, promoting alternative solutions to the problems in the state, and spreading peace and liberty. We have also been promoting the idea of cryptocurrencies since the beginning and in fact, the Free Thought Project reported on the very first vehicle sale conducted solely in Bitcoin in 2013.

The Free Thought Project has even reported on the current Dash Central project and its incredible ability to alter the media paradigm by decentralizing control of information.

With a DASH partnership, we would be directly competing with mainstream media and showing its obsolescence by building something entirely new and innovative while bringing DASH to the masses.

Our content has been shared and reproduced by Ron Paul, Kim Dotcom, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Joe Rogan, Big Boi, Doug Stanhope, Erika Badu, DL Hughley, Kyrie Irving and other freedom loving politicians, activists, and celebrities alike.


While a number of alternative media outlets have gained a following by promoting conspiracy theories or aligning with a certain political party or figure when it is convenient, The Free Thought Project has taken a different approach. Our mission is to promote principles, to give a voice to the voiceless and to provide coverage of a number of angles that the mainstream media refuses to cover, or provides misleading information on.

Instead of catering to one “side,” or only reporting the most sensational information, we believe that the only way to set ourselves apart from both the mainstream media and other alternative media outlets is to consistently call for truth and transparency in all aspects.

On top of asking the difficult questions, over the course of the last 5 years, The Free Thought Project has helped people who've become victims of oppression or injustice. From exclusive reports that have helped mothers attempting to save their child's life with cannabis in places where it's illegal to parents whose children were killed by police—we believe in using our influence to right these wrongs and will continue to do so.

With a DASH partnership, The Free Thought Project would be able to focus more on creating hard-hitting content and less on selling it. The result would be a WikiLeaks-style media outlet, beholden to no political party whose mission is to promote the ideas of peace, liberty, and DASH cryptocurrency.

Benefit to Dash

Our organic reach.

In just the last two years, the Free Thought Project has received over 1.5 BILLION organic video views on Facebook alone. We have over 6 million followers of our own on various Facebook pages and belong to a network that reaches upwards of 30 million followers. In our few years on the internet, The Free Thought Project website has received nearly half a billion visits or roughly 7 percent of the entire world's population.

Our social media presence is devoted solely to the ideas of freedom and spreading that freedom and we have grown them immensely. On top of our massive presence on Facebook, we also have a large following in the tens of thousands on YouTube and have tens of millions of views on that platform as well. We also have a huge reach on Instagram with 248K followers and 10K followers on Google+.

The Free Thought Project was also one of the first media outlets to join and subsequently promote Steemit. We have used this platform to promote DASH already.

Advertisers pay us to display their ads to our organic reach. Some of these payments are upwards of $10-$15 per 1,000 views. We propose a partnership with DASH which will exclusively grant all advertising space and promotions solely to DASH.

One does not need to do the math to understand the value of such a proposal. However, if we take into consideration our social media reach, and the promotion of DASH within this network, we would be promoting the DASH brand and idea to 30-100 million people every week, and upwards of billions annually.

On top of our already massive reach, the Free Thought Project has become an industry leader in the alternative media and every time we publish an article, share a meme or create a video, there are numerous websites that aggregate our content and publish it to their outlets.

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If The Free Thought Project forms a partnership with DASH, we believe that not only will we have the opportunity to educate our readers on the power of DASH, but it will also inspire the many alternative media sites that share and use content from The Free Thought Project to research the power of DASH and share this information with their audiences as well.

We currently have a large group of supporters who subscribe to our site for an ad-free version as well as to show their support. With a DASH partnership, we would contact all our subscribers and encourage them and facilitate the process of changing their subscriptions into direct purchases of DASH cryptocurrency. This would mean TFTP would be directly sponsoring the purchase of DASH, in turn, driving up its value and bringing about more awareness.

Deliverables and Breakdown of Funding

Although we have already long promoted the ideas of crypto and DASH, in particular, this partnership would allow us to cover multiple topics on what DASH brings to the table. We could even set up a system in which the MNOs vote on and propose topics for our writers and researchers to cover.

What's more, the best part about this is that our infrastructure is already in place. We have a devoted team of professional journalists, content and video creators, and social media gurus who have grown a tiny website into a massive movement. With a DASH partnership, this team becomes your team.

With a DASH/TFTP partnership, DASH would be the sole sponsor of the Free Thought Project. All videos, memes, vemes, Youtube impressions, website ads, and tens of thousands of daily emails would all carry the DASH logo and/or a preroll/postroll DASH promotion. DASH will be promoted 24 hours a day, constantly, across multiple platforms.

Given our history in views, this would be the equivalent of buying hundreds of millions of ad impressions.

At least once a week, TFTP will put out an exclusive article promoting DASH. We could get these ideas from the MNO network and promote other projects which DASH is helping come to fruition.

The Free Thought Project will also continue reporting on and breaking exclusive and important information that the mainstream media refuses to cover and all of it will be branded with DASH.

Seven days a week, TFTP will create content, cover the news, help the countless victims who contact us on a weekly basis by telling their stories and seeking justice, and push this content using our massive reach—and all of it will be promoting DASH in the process.

At least once a month, TFTP will create a video specifically detailing how DASH is helping to take the power of information back from the mainstream and foster not only the decentralization of money but the decentralization of information. This will be made with one of our spokespersons and professionally produced featuring a custom fade in/out designed to promote DASH.

DASH would become the first cryptocurrency in the world to fund a media watchdog enterprise paving the way for history to be made.

Budget Breakdown

The Free Thought Project is seeking a long-term relationship with DASH. This means we want to provide a bargain for the investment.

As we've looked at other successfully funded projects through DASH Central, like Truth in Media, we propose a far less expensive option.

For a similar investment, TFTP will foster this partnership for years—not months—bringing DASH to billions of people.

For 100 DASH per month, this would bring DASH impressions to more than 100,000,000 people a month, on Facebook alone. We will also be promoting DASH on all of our platforms mentioned above, the website will be built with a custom DASH theme, and all traffic will be directly exposed to DASH.

The budget breakdown is as follows:

  • Web Hosting and Security: $5,000
  • Editor in chief: $8,000
  • Social Media manager: $8,000
  • Website Maintenance: $5,000
  • Editor: $4,000
  • Writing Team: $9,000
  • Video Team: $6,000
  • Facebook manager: $3,000
  • Direct/Indirect Traffic Acquisition: $12,000

Total: $60,000/month