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July 13, 2014

Independent journalist Matthew Grunert was gathering footage for a film he was making.

He was photographing the NYS Police Academy - a campus of three publicly accessible buildings located next to the SUNY campus.

Grunert was approached first by a female trooper who refused to identify herself.

Later, Investigator Thompson (5257), Major Timothy Monroe (3423), and Trooper Smith (5286) detained Grunert despite him having committed no crime.

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He identifies himself to officers, explains why he was there, yet was still detained.

Despite their best attempts, Grunert refuses to cave to the commands of officers to hand over his ID; as if an ID is a magical device that tells police a person is going to commit a crime.

At one point Monroe tells Grunert that he could be trying to "case the building to burglarize it later." Apparently Monroe thinks people are stupid enough to break into a police department!

Below is a great example of how to remain silent. Statutes vary from state to state about how and when you must present ID or identify yourself to the police. Make sure you know your state law forwards and backwards so you can properly flex your rights!