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As we reported earlier this year, an FBI study recently revealed that roughly 80% of police officers are overweight. Now, a new study published this week by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that police officers also rank as the most overweight workers in the country.

However, this study differed on the percentage of officers who were obese. While the FBI study earlier this year suggested that 80% of officers were overweight, this more recent study said that the number was around 41%. Although, it is possible that the FBI was using more rigorous standards.

The recent study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine calculated their numbers using body-mass-index statistics, while the sources of the numbers in the FBI study are unclear.

Body-mass-index is a measure of relative weight based on the mass and height of an individual, and is defined as the body mass of an individual divided by the square of their height.

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Not only are a vast number of police officers in the US overweight, but they are also significantly less intelligent than the average person as well. As we reported, police departments actually reject applicants when they score too high on IQ tests.

Oddly, even with such low standards on both fitness and intelligence, it is actually extremely hard to actually get onto a police force. Police departments tend to look for specific types of individuals, people who they feel are capable of carrying out orders and inflicting violence with minimal reflection.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine study also included a list of the professions that they found to be most in-shape. On that list was athletes, scientists, janitors, servers and artists, among others.

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