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The Most Brutal Home Invasion Ever?

What Would Happen If a Thug WITHOUT a Badge Threw a Grenade on Top of a Baby? Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper June 28, 2014   Last month, a family in Georgia had their lives turned upside down by a brutal home invasion. Imagine this: You’re visiting a relative’s home …

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Law Enforcement Firm: Nobody Will Complain About Militarized Police When ISIS Attacks

Company suggests outrage over toddler critically injured by police flashbang grenade will subside when terror group “comes a calling” PAUL JOSEPH WATSON | JUNE 26, 2014 | A company that provides video training programs for law enforcement has caused controversy by suggesting that nobody will complain about militarized police in America …

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pivx proposal

Summary The Free Thought Project is proposing a long term relationship with PIVX in order to promote and grow the PIVX cryptocurrency and continue to spread the ideas of liberty. As mainstream media continues to attempt to snub out opposing ideas like cryptocurrency and those who challenge the status quo …

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