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What “Fighting for Our Freedom” Actually Means in Police State USA?

Please stop fighting for my freedom.   Dear soldier, Please stop fighting for my freedom of speech. It’s not working. While you’re overseas, killing people so “I have the right to say that,” good people all over the country are being put in cages for thinking freedom of speech is …

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If You’re Stopped for Driving 92 in a 70 MPH Zone, You Get a Ticket, Unless You’re an Off-Duty Cop

Des Moines, IA — Dashcam footage from an Iowa state trooper’s cruiser was released to the public last week which illustrates the troublesome ‘above the law’ mentality of police. In November, Iowa State Trooper, Bryan Guill, pulled over an off-duty trooper, Capt. Ken Clary, for doing 22 mph over the …

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