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Police: Armored Military Vehicles Needed for ‘Constitutionalists’ with Firearms

Shocking video provided exclusively to Infowars shows a Washington state sheriff’s deputy proclaiming that law enforcement officers need armored military vehicles because of “constitutionalists” with firearms. by MIKAEL THALEN | INFOWARS.COM The footage, recently captured in Spokane Valley, begins with a local resident asking two deputies why police would need …

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“We Did It!” Citizens of LA Create Landmark Civilian Review Board to Force Police Accountability

“It is all about accountability … and constitutional policing” Los Angeles, CA — After multiple failed attempts to establish an independent, non-police-backed, civilian commission to oversee the LA County Sheriff’s department, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors finally approved the measure on Tuesday. In a split vote of 3-2, Supervisors Mark …

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