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Cops Shoot and Kill Grandpa in Fruitless Raid Based on a Tip from the Thief Who Stole His Car

East Dublin, GA — A devoted husband and loving father and grandfather’s life was stolen by incompetent militarized police last month, for no reason. An attorney representing David Hooks’ widow says that the shooting did not go down as law enforcement authorities stated in initial news releases, and the “true facts …

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Suspect Identified in the Shooting of 2 State Troopers, Labeled as an “Anti-government Survivalist”

Pennsylvania State police say they have identified the man who shot and killed a state trooper and critically wounded another outside of a rural police barracks over the weekend. The shooting occurred around 11:00 pm Friday. Law enforcement units from surrounding areas descended on the township of nearly 5,000 people …

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‘He had his f**king hands in the air!’ New footage shows Ferguson witnesses reacting to teen’s death

New footage of the moments just after Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown was killed by a local police officer indicates that a witness on the scene said the unarmed 18-year-old’s hands were raised while he was fatally shot. The video, released by CNN, shows several witnesses gathering in the vicinity …

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