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Murder: How Cops in A Hurry are Using it as a Time-Saving Device

For Police, Murder is a Time-Saving Device By William Norman Grigg “We don’t have time for this!” exclaimed a police officer as he shot and killed a psychologically troubled, 90-pound teenage boy who had already been tasered and was pinned down beneath two other officers. The victim, 18-year-old Keith Vidal, was …

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21st Century Tyranny: Disturbing Trend of “Accidental” Shootings and Raids on Wrong Addresses

Cops shoot unarmed woman watching TV, cops shoot man for watering lawn, cops shoot boy for carrying a toy gun, cops beat man with Down syndrome, cops taser handcuffed teen in face, cops mace woman’s vagina, cops sodomize man for routine traffic stop….. Headlines like these are becoming far too …

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How a Texas Cop Who Killed a Double Amputee Holding a Ballpoint Pen Got Away With It

Police misconduct in shootings is “very, very difficult” to prove, an FBI agent says. The following article was originally published in the Texas Observer. To read more Texas Observer articles click here. On October 24, the Houston Police Department  announced the results of its yearlong investigation into the shooting death of  Brian …

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