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YAHOO! News Equates Filming Cops with Wanting to Kill Them

Concerns about police brutality, militarization of law enforcement blamed on “anti-government radicals” Paul Joseph Watson July 15, 2014 A Yahoo! News story published today equates concerns about police brutality, the militarization of law enforcement and videotaping cops with wanting to carry out violent murders of police officers. In a …

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An Example of the Positive Change Being Incited By Filming Cops

May 29, 2014 This act of kindness by these two San Diego Police officers is obviously an attempt to improve public relations. But that is a good thing, public relations need some serious improvement. Videos of the police have become disturbingly graphic and numerous over the last couple of decades …

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Man Arrested for Filming Cops, Apparently They “Felt Threatened” by the Presence of a Cell Phone

“You’re gonna be arrested for..uh…for…uh..uh…” April 29, 2014 Struggling to find a reason for arresting Lazaro Estrada, Miami-Dade Ofc. Michael Valdez, tries to quickly make up a charge, “uh…uh…Obstruction of Justice!” Apparently Officer Valdez, despite being surrounded by a half dozen of his armed friends, in bullet proof vests, “felt threatened” …

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