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Ferguson Police Throw Pregnant Woman in Jail for Traffic Stop, Where She Was Later Raped by Officer

“Discovery will produce other acts of violence, all contributing to a pattern and practice of allowing violence and sexual assault on members of the public… The numerous acts of violence against the citizenry by law enforcement of the City of Ferguson constitute a pattern.” Ferguson, Mo. – According to a …

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Don’t Want to Get Raped by a Cop? Police Chief’s Advice, “Obey the traffic laws”

A Tulsa  Sheriff’s Deputy has resigned after he has been arrested for sexually assaulting two women. According to the department’s statement, Deputy Nuckolls has said he exposed himself to other women in his two years on patrol and has a problem being around pretty women.  The department is now asking …

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Police Officer With History of Child Rape and Molestation, Arrested for Killing 6 Dogs

The Free Thought Project John Vibes May 30, 2014   A Police Sergeant in Ardmore, Oklahoma was recently put on leave after he was charged with poisoning dogs in his neighborhood with antifreeze.  This week it was reported that sergeant Barry Antwine was charged with “laying out poison for domestic …

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