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School Activity Praising Police Outrages Mother Whose Son’s Father Was Murdered by 15 Cops

Bakersfield, CA– North Beardsley Elementary in Bakersfield, California, is facing backlash after the principal, Aimee Williamson, who happens to be the wife of the Bakersfield police chief, decided to celebrate the pseudo holiday of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9th.  The biggest problem is that this hits far too close to …

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Police Accidentally Fumigate Elementary School With CS Gas During Training Drill

Parents of the Ohio elementary school children are outraged after their children were exposed to chemical weapons, banned by the Geneva Protocol. Columbus, Ohio – This week, Columbus police accidentally fumigated an elementary school with tear gas while they were conducting a training drill nearby. The training exercise was reportedly …

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Teacher Carries Plastic Sword on “Talk Like A Pirate Day”, Police Lock-Down 4 Schools

Four North Carolina schools were recently placed on lock-down by police, after a “suspicious person” was seen entering Richlands Elementary School on September 19th. An initial investigation turned up empty handed, but two weeks later the police announced that they solved the mystery behind the suspicious person at the school. …

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