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Police in Ferguson Blacking Out Name Tags, Massive Presence as Protests Continue Tuesday

Protests continued as approximately 100 people gathered on Tuesday night in Ferguson to march for unarmed teenager Mike Brown who was executed by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department. The march, organized by 100 Black Men,  began around 6:20pm leaving from Greater St. Mark’s Family Church (the same …

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Wait for it..Wait for it.. How Long Will it Take for this Thug Cop to Begin Trampling Rights?

The Free Thought Project Mike Sawyer August 8, 2014   People come from all around the Chicago area to get one of Keyia’s famous massages in the park. Families gather, children play, food is cooked and cops…..well the cops obviously ‘protect and serve.’ After all, how would people function in Police …

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Cop Suspended for Threatening to “Knock-Out” Young Woman Bystander During an Arrest

“Do that to me again and I will knock you out” A police officer in Staffordshire, was suspended from duty this week after threatening a bystander during an arrest. by ROB BESCHIZZA | BOING BOING | JULY 23, 2014 The Stoke Sentinel reports that cops were dealing with a rowdy group of late-night revelers in the …

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