Podcast — Jack Spirko — Homesteading, How To Go Off-Grid And Exit & Build Strategies

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Jack Spirko is the host of The Survival Podcast — a show that has been running since 2008 and will soon have over 3,000 episodes available on all aspects of self-sufficiency, self-reliance, independence and personal liberty. Spirko has been called the face of the modern survival movement by media personality Judge Andrew Napolitano and has been featured in a variety of media including Fox News, The Glenn Beck Show and The Houston Chronicle.

During the conversation we discuss the dynamics of off grid living, the differences between solar and wind, power storage and battery options, Tesla power walls, Elon Musk, how exit and build is a state of mind, strategic location, health and sanitation, food production, capturing rain water and storage, important factors to consider before homesteading, collective homesteads vs individual homesteads, solutions to take back power in your life and Jack’s favorite social media platform.

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