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Sal Mayweather is a social media star, commentator, agorist, cypherpunk, and a Rothbardian crypto anarchist. He has a devout following and is also a book publisher as his new book “Anti Politics” hit bookstore shelves last July. He is a brilliant thought aggregator, well spoken and keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest and most important information on the internet.

In this latest podcast we talked about censorship, how Joe Rogan is the new establishment boogeyman, NFT’s fad or future?  Why the market and internet hive mind always win, the means of meme production, social media tips for growth and engagement, how liberty based alt-media can survive in 2022, 3D printing and why it’s so important for agorism. How memes are the currency of the internet, how to make a few dollars within the liberty movement, the Metaverse and NFT’s, the age of accountability and who Samuel Konkin III is and why he mattered. (Length: 49:37)

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