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This week on The Free Thought Project Podcast, we spoke to author, speaker, freedom advocate, homeschooling champion, and right-to-travel activist, David James Rodriguez. David explains what he is currently focused on, why he recently made a video directed at Kanye West, what made him leave the city for more rural living, how to connect with other like-minded people through 'the FreedomCell Network,' why people believe in authority and what makes so many relinquish their autonomy, how we need to evolve past the Constitution, what makes a legitimate contract, why children are the future and David's work with the legendary John Taylor Gatto. We also discussed David's "Right To Travel" activism and how he got railroaded by 3 separate Judges, why continuing to evolve, learn and better ourselves is the biggest contribution we can provide and why the greatest virtue lacking in society is LOVE.

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