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This week Jason and Matt had the pleasure of talking to the Godfather of the libertarian police accountability movement and co-founder of Cop Block, Pete Eyre. Pete's name is well known in liberty circles far and wide. For years Pete lived in Keene, New Hampshire with the Free State Project, in the late 2000's Pete worked with Bureaucrash, and around that same time, he interviewed Dr. Ron Paul in 2009 with the motorhome diaries. He later spent months on the road with 'Liberty on tour," and did at least one tour promoting Cop Block. Pete also had a short stint living in Acapulco with other abolitionists while involving himself in the crypto scene working with DASH and other crypto entities.

During our conversation, we talked to Pete about the mission and focus of his new project called "Duty To Protect" which Pete explained in detail. We discussed how police employees have no legal obligation to protect the public. We also discussed being proactive versus reactive, the power of the individual versus collectively shared objectives, why changing the system from the inside isn't a logical approach, what the best path forward for the police accountability movement could be, private security companies like Dale Brown, and solutions that transcend current paradigms. (Length: 1:04:49)

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