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On this week's episode of the Free Thought Project Podcast, we talk with former 2-time mayor and city council woman Reinette Senum who is currently running for Governor of California. Senum is not a Democrat or a Republican which puts a target on her back by the establishment who seeks to polarize society to make them easier to control. Unlike the current regime, Senum has actual solutions to problems plaguing the state like homelessness, mass overdose, and crime.

We dive into the woke cult and how it's being used to make society easier control and also delve into Biderman's Chart of Coercion which explains how the world's population during COVID-19 was subject to the same coercive methods used on prisoners of war for decades. Senum, even if she doesn't win the primary or the gubernatorial race plans on being in the fight for the long haul and her plan is inspiring.

Like the Free Thought Project, Senum has dealt with mass censorship because of her establishment-challenging ideas so you can find her at the links below.

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