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Whitney Webb who is a writer, researcher investigative journalist and renowned expert on the Jeffrey Epstein case. She also writes for a number of different publications including her own site
She just finished her book a day before this interview called "one nation under blackmail."

We discussed Ghislaine Maxwell's 20 year prison sentence, why it's so important to continue holding the establishments feet to the fire when it comes to accountability for the Epstein/Maxwell network, the redacting of Maxwell's client list, how intelligence agencies were involved, Epstein's ties to Israel, Mark Middleton's connection to Epstein and his suspicious suicide, how Epstein tried to buy an airline for trafficking, the ties to the Iran-Contra affair, Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Disney's ties to Epstein, trafficking, and pedophilia, Disney's ties to the CIA, Epstein's little black book, how blackmail is the currency of corruption and the politics of power. (Length: 1:08:11)

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