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In 1963, the U.S. Supreme court ruled, in Brady vs. Maryland, prosecutors must turn over exculpatory, or favorable evidence to the defense to lessen the instance of faulty convictions. This applies to the history of the arresting officers, especially if that officer has a track record of corruption. Unfortunately, this is not happening and the courts are refusing to abide by the ruling.

On this episode of the Free Thought Project podcast, Jason and Matt sit down with Officer Jody and Johann Drolshagen — the creator of the Brady List. The Brady List is a platform which Drolshagen has built that allows allows Organizations [LEOrg], Prosecutors, and Peace Officer Standards & Training [POST] Departments to enter their independent findings, in any number of cases, in direct compliance with Brady and the Freedom of Information Act in order to help the courts follow the original ruling.

Keeping a database on problem cops will help ensure trust in the community through transparency and force accountability through oversight. The Brady List is a solution to many of the problems within the US justice system.

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