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Oklahoma City, OK — James McHenry, an Oklahoma City resident, says the 15-year-old boy police encountered in his neighborhood is lucky to be alive. Ten days before Halloween, the young man donned his Halloween mask, grabbed an airsoft pistol, and started walking around his neighborhood. Unfortunately for the young man, police were called to the scene.

Upon arrival, OKC sheriff’s deputies ordered the boy to get face down on the ground and put his hands behind his back. Then they gave him a lecture asking, “What was it doing in your hand?” They explained to the boy he could have been killed had he not dropped the weapon and complied. Once again, full compliance or death was threatened.

According to news reports, the boy had been “lurking” through the neighborhood peering into windows. But what if his only goal was to scare his friend or his friend’s family? Is that a crime, and is it not expected during the scariest time of the year? To some, the whole incident serves to illustrate just how trigger happy police officers are and how quick the public is to defend their actions.

McHenry told reporters that if the boy had been shot by police, there would have been an “uproar” and the community would have been up in arms. He’s likely correct. Every year at Halloween, police seem to attempt to scare the public. They released the body camera footage on Halloween day, October 31st, to serve as a reminder who the public should really be scared of and to whom everyone should bow down to when told. What if the boy were standing in his own driveway and refused to drop the gun?

The sad truth is he would have been killed instantly and become yet another statistic to be added to the nearly 1,200 people killed by police every year.

The humor was lost with the officers who quickly berated the young boy (whose face was blurred because he’s a minor).

You almost got killed…You almost got bullets put in you. You understand that? You had it in your hand…What’s this fake gun and mask over here then if you didn’t do nothing? The one I saw you put down. Hands behind your back.

What police seem to not understand that when they immediately go to their weapons and pull a loaded handgun on a kid, they’re doing to the kid precisely what the public pays them to protect children from strangers pulling out a gun on the public and forcing them against their will to obey their orders. It seems there may have been a better way to handle the situation.

Would it not have been prudent to use a loudspeaker from the vehicle first? Would it not have been wise to call the home where the boy was seen, and ask the adults if their children are outside dressed in Halloween masks? These questions and more remain as once again a child was ordered to the ground under threat of homicide by law enforcement officers and it was, in the opinion of TFTP, no accident that they released the footage on Halloween Day.

McHenry remarked:

If they had of shot him, we would of had an uproar in the neighborhood in the city, because they wouldn’t have known that it was a fake gun until after it had been done…It starts at home and if we don’t teach them and tell them what is going on out there in the world, then you can’t blame the police men…You got to blame yourself.

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. McHenry. But the community needs also to learn it can handle its own business without involving the boys in blue who proved in this instance they’re more than capable of killing a kid in a costume.

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Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine


  1. The cops should really stop hiring little girls afraid of their shadows, and providing them with deadly force weapons for when they are scared shitless.

    • doesn’t matter who they hire, their -TRAINING- is what turns them in to cowards. They’re all trained to piss themselves at every turn, and the sad part is when they say “i feared for my life” we have to not only worry that they’re lying but also worry that they were telling the truth, that they got scared at something completely harmless and killed someone for it because snowflake thugs in uniform couldn’t get to their safe space fast enough.

  2. But still, don’t go around ten days before Halloween wearing a mask and carrying a fake gun. Even though people are NOT entitled to just shoot you for that, they will police aren’t the only ones you have to worry about. Here in Texas, there are a lot of “cowboy” types that sit around and fantasize about getting to shoot someone and be called a hero.

    • Such people,as described by you, are termed “sociopaths” and they are no more prevalent in Texas than any other state.Sociopaths are however,drawn to professions giving them power over people such as law enforcement/politics.That is one very good reason for the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Trigger happy pigs have forgotten what its like to be a kid because most of them got beat up for being punks on Halloween so they want to make sure they ruin everybody else as well as showing all people of color that bigotry is alive and just as deadly and would have loved to scare the shit out of them pigs the way they did that kid with civil rights charges and see how cute they think that is, ego tripping nazi’s!

  4. People need to STOP SQUEALING to the police every five seconds. Take care of your own business you nosey fuckers. Get a life and stop peeking out your blinds for entertainment. The less the cops are in contact with your neighborhood the longer you and your friends will live and stay out of jail.

    • I might mention that cops go to the wrong address ALL THE F&CKING TIME. If you call and give your address as the complaining party, the brain trusts at the cop shop are only a little less likely to come shoot you than to shoot the guy you called about. Stop being a bunch of nosy fraidy cats and giving these thugs excuses to murder people.

  5. These officers conducted a felony seizure at gunpoint, with multiple officers having guns drawn and pointed at the boy, and then handcuff and question the boy at gunpoint, KNOWING THAT THE MASK AND TOY GUN WERE FAKE.

    Considering it was a felony seizure, the boy most certainly had a constitutional right to be advised of his rights, to remain silent, and to have the assistance of counsel. Yet the officers screamed, yelled, and questioned him at gunpoint and after being handcuffed. IF THAT IS NOT FUCKING COERCION DELIBERATELY INTENDING TO FORCE THE YOUNG MAN INTO MAKING AN INCRIMINATING STATEMENT, WHEN NO ACTUAL CRIME HAD BEEN COMMITTED, THEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

    This fucking bullshit needs to stop. What is it going to fucking take? A god damn constitutional convention passing a constitutional amendment prohibiting officers from drawing a weapon or laying hands upon a ‘suspect’ unless they have actually been fired upon or actually physically attacked? Because they are abusing, assaulting, and murdering people daily.

    • Clearly, you don’t know what coercion, felony seizure, or pretty much anything else you listed are, or how they are applicable. No one has to be read their rights, whether in custody, or not. That is television cop drama bullshit. Of course, if you wish to use any statements against them, well, yes you have to read them their Miranda warning. That line of questions are not trying ellicit a incriminating statement or confession. It was along the lines of “don’t do stupid shit like this, boy.”

      And again with the cop drama bullshit with the lawyer in a bottle like a fucking genie that magically appears when summoned. And it does not matter that they knew the guns were fake at that point. Robberies are committed all the time with fake guns, hell, banks get held up with notes and a hand in a jacket. But that kid was detained for two reasons. 1 to make sure no crime besides trespassing was committed and 2 to scare him a bit.

      • i suppose when some kid dresses up as a figure from a nativity skit for xmas, they should tackle and arrest that kid for having a sheperd’s crook.

        you’re a bootlicker.

        • Yeah, and you’re a buttlicker. See, name calling is juvenile and that makes you a stupid head.

          And walking around with a realistic looking toy gun is nothing like what you described with a nativity outfit.

          What you did is called a “straw man” where one tried to win an argument or disprove a point by twisting any argument into something g weak and easily defeated, then claiming victory. You’ve taken what could be a threatening outfit and then replaced it with the exact opposite.

      • The people are not YOUR subjects officer!

        The investigatory stop became unlawful the instant the officer was, or should have been aware that there was no core criminal conduct involved.

        The kid was not trespassing unless he was told to leave and did not. IF he was told but then did not leave, the officer must ensure the kid were properly notified and given sufficient time to respond BEFORE an arrests is PERMISSIBLE!

        If the officer had NO articulable suspicion of a CRIME, as the SCOTUS has said over and over, it is a Constitutional violation to hold the “suspect” for one second after determining he did nothing illegal. Not one second!

        And to arrest – the officer needs ARGUABLE probable cause! A kid playing with a toy gun in my yard is not a crime. Further, every state has rules governing the display or use of deadly force to arrest for a misdemeanor…which in this example was not committed!

        Fourth Amendment violation, false arrest, use of deadly force.

        • This is a great point! I’m shamelessly lecturing this kid in other posts, but that’s because I’m Somebody’s Mother and stunts like this can get your ass shot. It would not be unreasonable for someone to think their life is in danger when they see a masked gunman prowling on their property, which in many states makes it perfectly legal to kill a person.

          I’m sorry, but “masked gunman” is a very tasteless and stupid costume that could get you killed.

          • Yes. Very stupid and dangerous. But not criminal. (Unless I missed something)

            I bet his parents are relieved the officer’s unnecessary aggression and childish screaming didn’t scare him into running.

          • The officers did act like a bunch of assclowns and I think we’re ALL glad this didn’t end with a dead teenager. (Still wanna smack him with my shoe, though!)

      • Hey crazytrain… I don’t care if you are a cop or just someone whom loves to worship anyone wearing a uniform and sucking a big fat one for the thin blue line, you can spew all the statist loving propaganda you wish but that doesn’t mean any of the rest of us are going to bend over and take it just because YOU sanction police state bullshit.

        As for ‘knowing’ what coercion, felony seizure, or anything else is, anyone can read the Supreme Court cases that review and discuss those issues and THEN read such documents as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights for themselves and make their own determination of if they are going to be a statist loving police state cocksucker such as yourself, or an advocate for the liberties and civil rights that were the founding principles of our Supreme Law.

        Here is a hint: Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were not enumerated and ratified for the benefit of allowing police officers to run around acting like a bunch of fucking thugs pointing weapons at peoples heads and threatening people with deadly force while berating them and attempting to force them into confessing a ‘crime’ when none was committed.

        The government and cocksucking statist like you might sanction that bullshit. But the rest of us are going to call it out as the fucking tyrannical bullshit that it is and publicly voice political speech demanding that such officers be held answerable to civil and criminal liability for such tyrannical conduct. And if the political, judicial, and police officers of our government or cocksucking statist do not like it, they can go fuck themselves.

        • Wow, you’re really hung up on “cocksucking!”! Is there something you want to tell us? You said it at least 5 times. And there was no statist propaganda being spewed anywhere. I called you out on your incorrect, ignorance of actual police work, and you response was no different than I expected. I expected some more over capitalization, but otherwise the impotent anger was the same. It’s funny when twerps like you try to yell and intimidate with the cap-locks on, a lot of cursing, etc because you can’t articulate a point without insults, cursing, and so on. Good luck with that anger issue and your obsession with fellating a penis. Just do it already, homosexuality is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle now and i 100% support one’s choice to live how they want to live. That’s what freedom is all about. So don’t hold all that anger in. Just go on a spree of cocksucking and you will feel better about yourself and be less angry. Though, robin is a girl’s name, I guess I just assumed you were a male based upon the anger. Oh well, you should still seek some therapy.

    • It used to be that way when i was a cop, but that was 30 years ago. We didn’t pull our guns on citizens unless our lives were in danger. We would have been fired. Protect and serve has changed over the years. Maybe too many Dirty Harry movies and video games. But, you have to blame it on their training. Whoever is training todays law enforcement are not doing it right. They were probably ex combat military people and its just not the same when you work for these people.

    • Now, to be perfectly fair, someone who’s in a mask carrying a gun is ALWAYS going to look like a threat. In fact, that was kind of the point – to scare people because Halloween is fun. However, there’s a right way and a stupid way to do this. Guess which one this kid chose? You don’t want to scare people in a way that could get you killed, and “masked gunman” is one of those rare situations where society has agreed that it’s OK to shoot someone.

  6. Oh shut up with the “bow down” garbage and the deputy lecturing him about “full compliance.” The “lecturing” was trying to put a scare into the kid about doing shit like that. If it was night, it would have been a bit different.

    And this kid was not “almost killed.” Someone called and said a masked man was walking around with a gun looking in windows. “Is that a crime/what if he was just trying to scare his friends or their families?” I am sure as shit that you would be screaming about cops walking through people’s yards and looking in windows without a legitimate call or reason. And That behavior was enough to alarm someone to the point where they called police about the suspicious behavior.

    And cops are wary that this time of year kids wear masks and also any time of year, odds are that a person in a mask with a gun in broad daylight is probably not a murderer or a legit robber, but unless it is obviously a small child, no one is taking chances based upon the information given in the call.

    I will say that I have answered dozens of these calls and never once was my gun out, but I don’t know anything about that area to judge them for that.

  7. a big problem is,the brainwashed people of some areas think they are going to get a gold star with the corrupt cops for calling in on a kid in a halloween costume,they actually believe they are doing a service….most of these people can’t keep their own doorstep clean let alone a whole area such as a town,city they live in,most are as stupid as a bag of hammers,they don’t think before they call,have no idea of about the outcome,never think ahead about what will happen if they bring in the criminals to what they see as a bad guy…some just won’t/don’t use or have any common sense at all…they don’t think about what their actions at that moment will cause.ive said it before,when someone calls in a ”suspicious person”[which isn’t a crime or illegal to be]if that innocent person gets murdered by criminal cops,that caller should be held accountable also,they started it,they made the event happen,they put their fears and ignorance into that innocent persons life….they were an accomplice to that murder…they should answer for it….trust me,that would curb half the calls cops get about someone carrying a camera outside a post office or a gov’t run building or factory….but no,everyone ignores these people,they need to be held to the fire for their actions..
    too many lives have been lost to nosy people calling in to cops for every little dam thing,all the animals,too many to count that have been killed because some old bitch next door can’t live with a dog shitting on her lawn or barking at night…and the people that call cops on kids playing outside and that child gets gunned down by a thrill kill seeking cop,those callers need to be arrested and jailed also,because again,if it wasn’t for them having issues with kids,these kids wouldn’t be dead,murdered in cold blood,gunned down like animals,they would be alive
    cops already overstep any authority they have way way too much as it is,they get all thrill kill hypt up and then when they are proven wrong[or asked questions]they get even worse,turn into total scumbags and start a little ground and pound on women and children,and they even go so far as to cuff them and keep yelling”stop resisting”,just to cover their tracks of abusive behavior….cops are dangerous,it not a dangerous job,cops make it a danger to us,the american people……


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