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Montgomery, OH — In September of 2015, Marsha Pate-Strickland, 60, was wrongfully accused of assault and jailed as a result. As she sat in jail waiting for the charges to be dropped, however, Pate-Strickland was brutally assaulted by an officer after she simply asked for milk instead of juice. Now, the taxpayers of Montgomery County will be the ones held liable for the attack.

On September 8, 2015, surveillance video showed officer David Stemp and Pate-Strickland exchange a few words after she had asked for milk instead of juice. According to the video and the lawsuit, Stemp ordered Pate-Strickland to then stand up, then he forcefully grabbed her and “violently swung” her around before her right shoulder and arm were slammed to the floor.

When Pate-Strickland pulls her arm away, the officer is shown grabbing her by her left arm, pulling her, spinning her and taking her down to the floor.

“There’s just no reason for this kid — well, I call him a kid, the CO — to grab onto this 60-year-old woman and fling her around,” Pate-Strickland’s attorney, Douglas Brannon said.

Prior to being attacked by the officer, Pate-Strickland had been peacefully sitting in the women's waiting area. However, all that peace would come to a brutal end once Stemp entered the equation, and now, the taxpayers are paying for it.

“The case has been settled. There’s a signed agreement,” Brannon said. “The matter was settled amicably and Ms. Pate-Strickland is going to be moving forward with her life and is glad to have this matter resolved.”

A Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman confirmed that terms have been reached and eventually will be filed in federal court, according to Dayton Daily News.

“A settlement, approved by Sheriff Plummer, between him, Montgomery County, and the plaintiffs has been reached,” said Greg Flannagan. “However, the necessary documents have not been signed by the Sheriff or the plaintiff or filed with the court.”

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The lawsuit claimed that Stemp's actions were “brutal and excessive force” and “cruel and unusual.”

Because of these brutal and cruel actions, Pate-Strickland suffered a non-displaced fracture in her shoulder and had to seek medical care, according to the lawsuit.

Two years later, Brannon now reports that Pate-Strickland is, fortunately, “doing fine” and made a “good recovery from her non-displaced fracture. It healed.”

For his brutality captured on video, officer Stemp was allowed to resign quietly and quickly hired on with another agency — where he was promoted.

As Dayton Daily News reports,

Stemp resigned May 31, 2016, to take a full-time job with the village of Camden. Village Chief Matt Spurlock said in September that Stemp has been promoted to the department’s senior patrol officer and is in charge of the property room.

Spurlock said Stemp, who started as part-time in late 2014, always has showed professionalism.

There you have it. As you watch the video below, remember that this is the officer who, according to his supervisor, has always shown professionalism.

Apparently, tossing around elderly women like rag dolls who have done nothing to you is professionalism in the land of the free.