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Ft. Collins, CO — Last April, as TFTP reported, bystanders at a sports bar near Colorado State University watched in horror as a Ft. Collins cop proceeded to attack a young woman, sending her flying face first into the pavement. Now, one year later, police have finally released the body camera footage showing how entirely unnecessary and outright abusive this officer's actions were that night.

The officer's victim was a tiny Colorado State University student, Michaella Surat. As the body camera footage shows, the interaction, detainment, and subsequent use of force were all uncalled for.

According to the footage, officer Randall Klamser tells Surat that she was of no interest to police and asked her to leave. Surat then tells the officer that she is going to stay there to make sure her friend was okay. However, Klamser wanted nothing of it, so he began grabbing and shoving the 22-year-old college student.

Surat, having done nothing wrong, tells the officer to get his hands off her and begins asking what she had done wrong. Without answering the young woman's question, Klamser then threatens the woman, telling her that he is going to slam her to the ground.

Seconds later, dozens of bystanders witnessed the officer fulfill his promise and smash Surat's face into the pavement.

“He doesn’t have a right to grab her, and she has a right to resist under Colorado law,” said civil rights attorney David Lane, who is now representing Surat. “He has no legal right to use that force, and she has a legal right to refuse that force.”

In his report, Klamser claimed that Surat attackedhim and was choking him. However, the video clearly shows this did not happen, proving that the cop was lying. The officer even went so far as to claim Surat dug her nails into his neck and left marks, but there was absolutely no evidence of this at all, and, as the video shows, it never happened.

“Did he produce any evidence of those scars? Not one shred. They had pictures of everything. He said she dug her nails in his neck and there’s not a mark on him. Not one shred of proof,” Lane said.

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Of course, the Ft. Collins Police Department is standing by their boy in blue. According to CBS 4 Denver, Klamser was originally placed on administrative leave, but was eventually cleared by the department of wrongdoing. He is still on active service.

We at The Free Thought Project believe if that take down move, which appears to be premeditated, is standard procedure, then all of Ft. Collins' police officers need retraining.

“If that was not a cop, and he did that he would be facing felony assault charges, but it’s a cop so now she’s the defendant,” Lane pointed out.

Surat will now have to defend herself in court in August on a resisting arrest charge.

As TFTP has demonstrated before, police often brutalize women during arrest procedures, seemingly not taking their size, stature, and weight into consideration when effecting an arrest. Cops also beat their wives and girlfriends at nearly double the national average — and this number is estimated to be much higher as many women are scared to report their spouse to the very departments in which their abusers work.

Below is the video highlighting this problem. If you'd like to voice your concern over this officer's actions and subsequent lack of punishment, you can peacefully do so at their Facebook page, here.

Original cellphone footage below.