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In politically correct police state USA, grabbing a woman by the hair and smashing her face in is acceptable, but just don't swear while doing it.

Superior, Wisconsin - After nearly a year, Officer George Gothner will finally see consequences for the violent assault of Natasha Lancour. Unfortunately, he will only be getting a ten hour suspension from officials at the Superior Police Department.


Disturbingly, the suspension that the officer received was not for pulling the woman by the hair, punching her in the face, or slamming her face-down onto the hood of the police car, but instead, the officer was reprimanded for how he spoke to her.

"The system of how we judge officers, has to change. We will not see anything come out situations like this as long as the cops are giving attaboys to the abusive cops. We need to have an outside agency look at the use of force incidents and make a finding," said Rick Gondik, Lancour's Defense Attorney.

On January 5th of this year, Gothner confronted Natasha Lancour and a number of other people at the Keyport Lounge parking lot. When Lancour was not immediately submissive with Gothner, he became enraged and grabbed her, pulled her across the parking lot by her hair, slammed her onto the hood of the police car and punched her in the face several times.

Gothner then arrested her for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, although she was clearly not assaulting him on the video footage.

After the video footage surfaced, Lancour's charges were downgraded to disorderly conduct, and after fighting for months in court, she was finally able to get all of her charges dropped.

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The police department maintained that Gothner's use of force was justified, but this week they ruled that his language was not suitable, so they gave him a one day suspension.

Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse said in a statement that, "Superior police department places great value on our relationship with the community. This trust has been eroded by the public perception of this incident and we will strive to win that back by living through the tenets of our mission statement."

Lancour is now planning a lawsuit against the city.

See the dash-camera footage of the incident below:

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