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Springfield, IL — "I'm sorry ma'am. But you know what it is? I'm tired of getting talked to like that," said Springfield, Illinois police officer Samuel Rosario, just after he gave a 19-year-old citizen a beat down and potentially threw away his law enforcement career. The encounter, recorded in its entirety from two different body cameras (Rosario's and his fellow officer's), shows officers responding to a domestic disturbance at the 2100 Block of East Stuart St.

Upon arrival, Rosario meets with the mother who says her 16-year-old daughter was upset and broke her glass table before storming off, out of the house, and down the road. While the officer was speaking, an unidentified man kept interrupting the conversation between the officer and the mother (name withheld as daughter is a juvenile).

When Rosario mentioned they would charge the daughter with a destruction of property charge, the man became angry and stated she should also be charged with domestic violence. It seems from the dialog in the video, the family wanted the daughter locked away for some extended period of time, possibly due to the ongoing conflict in the home.

That's when it all escalated. Rosario fired back with a seemingly condescending conversation about the man's knowledge of the law, and the man responded with wanting to know Rosario's badge number. "If she ain't getting at least two charges, I want both ya'll badge numbers," the man said which apparently infuriated the officer who seemed to maintain decorum and civility until the threat to file a police report was made.

Rosario then engaged the young man with talk about going to the police academy, being a lawyer and knowing the law, all of which, one could say, escalated the encounter needlessly. "Go back to Mexico, n*****," someone said to which Rosario responded, "I ain't from Mexico, you stupid motherf***er."

Rosario seemed to enjoy jousting with the man and even began threatening to fight with the very person who was, at one point in the video, attempting to help the officer locate the wayward juvenile. "What do you want me to do for you to put some hands on me?" Rosario asked. Going further he questioned the man, "You want these hands? You can have 'em ... you a b****."

That's when the officer further provoked the man into fighting. Rosario is seen walking toward the teen and appears to push him, saying, "Did I not just touch you?" That's when the fight started, which apparently was all one-sided, meaning the officer took down the man and beat him quite viciously one might conclude. The mom can be heard saying, "He started it first, police did...the rookie started first...that's assault and battery."

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From his partner's body cam footage, the backup officer appears to attempt to make an arrest but Rosario called him off and implied not to arrest the young man. That's when the gloating began. "Dude, I felt bad for you, that's why I stopped hitting you," Rosario said.

The altercation took place on February 27th. Springfield police reportedly stated another officer who was not involved in the incident, did what The Free Thought Project has been encouraging other good cops to do, and turned on the so-called bad apple officer, informing the police department of the incident. Following up on the tip, Springfield police investigated and the bully cop was arrested and charged with two counts of battery and one count of official misconduct on February 28th.

The Illinois State Police were called in and recently concluded their criminal investigation into the matter. The Springfield Police Department issued a statement which reads in part, "This incident does not depict the actions of the hard-working men and women of the Springfield Police Department."

From our analysis of the complete bodycam video uploaded to YouTube, Officer Rosario hit the man 12 times in the head. It should be obvious to anyone viewing the video, the officer had lost control. He made reference to a bracelet he wore which to him implied his true patriotism, so it may be the officer is a veteran of one of the many wars in which our country is engaged. Hopefully, he can get the help he needs to be able to control his anger and find a new career path, but one which is not in law enforcement.

According to NBC News, "Officer Rosario has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. Official misconduct is a Class 3 felony which is punishable by 2 to 5 years in prison."

The Free Thought Project spoke with officer Dominick Izzo who is a police officer in Illinois as well. Here's what he had to say about officer Rosario, and we agree.

"Can't find a single thing to justify the actions of this 'officer'. This is not a cop," said Izzo. "This is a savage who snuck past all psychological testing to further help the hate against us."