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Springfield, MA — A Massachusetts school cop is in hot water this week after filing a report in which he claimed a student shoved him to justify his subsequent use of force. After an investigation, however, a video revealed that the tiny student, half the officer's size, never once laid a hand on him prior to the attack.

The child is a student at the High School of Commerce in Springfield where the incident took place. After officer Angel Marrero attacked the student, grabbing him by the neck and slamming him into the wall, the student, who remains unnamed due to his young age, was arrested and charged.

Thankfully, however, because the video exposed the false story given by Marrero, all charges against the kid in the video below have been dropped.

As the video shows, the small student, who is black, appears to make a comment to the massive officer, who is white. At no time does the student get physical with the officer before the officer initiated violence, however.

As the officer grabs the child's neck and begins smashing him into a wall, only then does the child push back against the officer in an act of self defense. The student even told officers who conducted the investigation that he had to push back as he was being attacked and did not want the officer to severely hurt him.

Marrero told investigators that the small teen, who was half his size, made him "fearful" of an assault, so he had no other choice but to attack him.

“Upon feeling the strike from [redacted ’s] elbow, due to the close proximity of [redacted] and I, and also due to having just been threatened by [redacted] to be physically assaulted I perceived at that moment he had committed an assault and battery on me by pushing me with two hands in my lower torso area,” Marrero wrote.

This elbow strike is not visible from the video nor is the false claim of the two-handed push.

Nevertheless, after the arrest, Marrero filed his report in which he falsely claimed that the child had initiated the physical confrontation by shoving him in the chest with two hands. As we see in the video below, this never happened.

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What's more, this arrest happened in December of last year and we are only just now hearing about the false statement, despite the investigation happening almost immediately after the incident.

Once he was caught putting false information in the report, Marrero issued a retraction claiming that he accidentally lied and genuinely thought he was pushed and forced to fight back.

“At no time did I ever have the intention to write the arrest report of [redacted] in a manner that could be perceived as deceitful nor did I write it with the intention of being deceitful,” Marrero wrote, according to a copy of the Internal Investigations Unit report obtained by MassLive through a public records request.

“I have been an officer with this department for approaching nine years,” Marrero continued. “During these approximate nine years I have never had any disciplinary issues. I have never had any complaints of excessive force. I have never had any complaints of being deceitful in any of my reports or in any arrests I have made or assisted in. I take great pride in my work and make every effort to perform my duties in a professional and honorable manner.”

Marrero's actions are now the subject of a hearing by Springfield’s Community Police Hearing Board who will decide the officer's fate.

“The SPD promptly initiated and completed an internal investigation into this matter and recommended a hearing in front of the Community Police Hearing Board,” police spokesman Ryan Walsh said in a statement. “We will refrain from making any further comment until after the hearing.”

According to the officer, the child had called Marrero a "p***y" and threatened to "slap the s***" out of him—a claim the child denies.

Even if the child had said these things, the response from Marrero in the video below was completely over the top. If the kid did say these things, he deserved discipline from the school. Now, however, he will likely get a hefty sum of taxpayer funded money instead.