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Pasco County, FL — For years, the Pasco Sheriff's Office stood by the results of their "investigation" which cleared the officers who killed Jerry Dwight Brown — an unarmed man who was gunned down by police at his place of work. However, a newly leaked video shows that cops executed Brown, 41, in only 11 seconds, giving him almost no time to react to any commands.

The shooting took place in 2014 and police were almost immediately ruled justified in their actions. According to police, officers demanded Brown show them his hands multiple times, but Brown didn't comply.

“When they said ‘Show me your hands,’ the suspect should’ve showed us his hands,” Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters at the time. “He didn’t.”

The State Attorney’s Office found Brown’s “failure to comply” meant the shooting was justified. But the office also “strongly” urged deputies to “review the video of this event with an eye towards conducting further operations of this type in such a manner as to minimize the risk of the need to utilize deadly force.”

That was it. No more scrutiny, no more investigation, and the case was closed. Until now.

Previously unreleased footage from that fatal day on July 1, 2014, shows police opened fire on Brown almost immediately after encountering him. At no point does he reach for anything — because he had nothing on him — and he appeared to be trying to comply.

According to police, an undercover cop was attempting to purchase prescription pills from Brown at his place of work. Brown was working at his stepfather’s tire shop in Zephyrhills.

Police say Brown had sold pills on a few occasions to an undercover sheriff’s deputy prior to being killed by them. On the day in question, the sheriff's office planned to make a final drug purchase from Brown and then arrest him at work.

Brown got in the car with the undercover — whose hidden camera was rolling — to conduct the transaction.

As the undercover was pulling out the money to pay Brown, Sgt. Clinton Cabbage and Det. Daniel Green and several other deputies rushed the vehicle. It took only 11 seconds before cops opened fire on Brown. He was hit three times and died at the hospital.

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As the video shows, Brown is attempting to comply with the deputies by opening the door to get out and surrender. However, one of the deputies pushed the door closed before they opened fire — essentially trapping him.

After the shooting, the Pasco Sheriff's Office refused to release the video from inside the vehicle, claiming it was confidential. However, 6 years later, the Tampa Bay Times would be leaked a copy of it.

When the Times told the sheriff's office they planned on publishing the video, Lindsay Moore, the office’s general counsel, claimed the “video portions depicting the death of Mr. Brown are clearly confidential and exempt from public disclosure.”

Moore then seemingly threatened the paper, and said publishing the video would be “in violation of the law.”

Luckily, the Times was unafraid and published the shooting portion of it anyway. It is below.

“They just did him wrong,” Robert Sims, Brown’s stepfather who witnessed the shooting, said. “It was a setup. He was unarmed.”

In February, Brown’s widow, Tresa Brown, reached a settlement in her husband's death for $262,500. The sheriff's office paid it out without admitting liability in the case.

According to the Times, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Amanda Hunter said her office settled “out of respect for Mr. Brown’s family.” Hunter stressed that the State Attorney’s Office had determined the use of force was justified in 2014 and that an internal Sheriff’s Office review cleared the shooting. She declined to allow the Times to speak with either of the deputies who shot Brown.

According to the sheriff's office both of the cops who opened fire on an unarmed man, executing him in broad daylight, are both still gainfully employed with the department. Residents of Pasco County beware.