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Carpentersville, IL — A family is suing and will undoubtedly win after extremely infuriating video captured two police officers illegally entering their home and choking a 16-year-old boy who was home alone.

As the video shows, without knocking, police opened the door to the boy's home without permission. According to the video, the cops falsely claim that the door was open. However, the video clearly shows that the officer opened the door himself.

When the boy told the officers he was uncomfortable with them being there without his mother being home, instead of leaving, they attacked him.

"Hello, your door's open," the officer lies as the teen records him on a Snapchat video.

"Yeah, sir, I don't feel comfortable opening this door without my parents here, sir," the teen answers.

The officers then smash their way into the home, knocking the boy over the couch as he falls backward. One officer then attacks the boy, throwing him down on the couch and choking him.

"I did get scared because I never expected something like this to happen to me," said the boy who wishes to remain anonymous.

As one officer holds the boy down and continues to choke him, another illegally searches the home. The officer is seen on video grabbing the boy by his throat multiple times and throwing him to the couch.

According to the family, the home invasion by criminal cops happened in June. Officers said they were looking for a missing girl who had run away from home. Despite barging into the home and attacking the 16-year-old boy, police did not find the girl. They did however illegally arrest the boy.

The boy even admitted to police the day before that the girl had visited him. He showed them the Uber ride that he paid for to get her to a destination. Also, the day before this home invasion, other officers visited the home and searched it, confirming the girl was not there and that the boy had purchased her an Uber ride.

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The boy's mother explained that she had already spoken with the police and told them to wait for her.

"I told him to wait for me," Violeta Hernandez said. "You're not to supposed to be in my house. They are minors. I'm not there."

These facts were apparently of no concern to the officers who showed up the next day, however.

"They said that she was still in here, that people were saying she was still in here," he said.

The family is now suing over this clearly illegal raid and false arrest.

"It was an illegal search of this home," said Keenan Saulter, attorney for the family. "It was an illegal seizure of that minor, and ultimately it was a false arrest."

Indeed it was.

What's more, without the police finding her, the missing girl showed back up at her parent's house that evening. The illegal raid, the child abuse, the unlawful search and arrest — all of it — was done in vain.

As for the officers, we have seen no record of their discipline in this incident. The department never made a statement on the matter until they found out they were being sued over it. This week, Carpentersville officials released a statement, saying:

"The Village of Carpentersville and its Police Department have just learned of the lawsuit, and, as such, we are not prepared to make a statement as to the specific allegations at this point. However, the Village takes all matters involving police interactions with the public seriously. What is known is that the police were responding to a report of a missing female minor during the alleged incident. A third party investigation was initiated to address the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the involved officers' actions. At this point, the investigation is ongoing.

The Village will need further time to review the lawsuit as well as the outcome of the third party investigation before making any additional comment."

Both of the officers involved in the video below should be immediately fired and charge with multiple felonies. However, if history is any indicator, none of this will happen.