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Washington D.C. — A deeply disturbing video has surfaced this week showing Washington D.C. police walk up to a group of men, handcuff one of them, and proceed to sexually assault him. Despite the man's repeated objections to the anal probing, the cop continued his assault.

To get a glimpse of what it looks like to endure police harassment on a daily basis, one needn't look any further than the video below.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the person who uploaded the video and the Washington D.C. police, but we have yet to hear back from either party. However, one does not need to know every detail of this incident to know that everything about it is wrong.

As the video begins, police appear to be responding to several men drinking alcoholic beverages. This apparently gave them probable cause to then detain and search the men.

In the video, one of the officers makes a man spread his legs so he can search him. During the search, as clearly seen in the disturbing video, the officer begins ramming a finger into the man's anus.

The sexual assault is so glaring and painful that the victim actually risks a massive beating by slapping the cop's hand away. Despite having found nothing and clearly knowing that he is hurting his victim, the cop continues.

During the second sexual assault, the officer makes sure his victim is less able to resist by placing him in handcuffs. After he restrained his victim, the cop moved back in to search for whatever it is he thought he would find in this man's anus.

"Stop fingering me bro!" the man yells as the cop continues the assault.

The entire time, the officer acts like his actions are just. All of the other officers around him simply watch as he sexually assaults a man in a fruitless effort to find an illegal substance.

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As soon as the sexual assault is over, the cop removes the handcuffs and leaves like nothing happened.

If you wonder why so many people in the poor and minority communities don't trust the police, this video explains it all.

The vileness of the state's wicked and immoral war on drugs has reared its repugnant face once again. When will the rest of society see that face and wake up to this atrocity? When will the people say "enough is enough," and that finger raping innocent people on the roadside in search of arbitrary substances is no longer welcome in our culture?

Sadly enough, cops do this sort of thing all the time. TFTP is constantly reporting on police officers sodomizing, raping, and otherwise violating innocent people in search of illicit substances.

Elijah Pontoon was one of those men who was traveling with his girlfriend before being pulled over by a South Carolina cop who had a hunch they had drugs. Mistaking Pontoon's hemorrhoid for drugs, police then sodomized this innocent man in broad daylight in front of everyone.

Cops also tortured and sodomized a man for running through a stop sign in Lee County Florida. During the incident, which was captured on video, screams of agony can be heard echoing from the trees as the man’s arm is twisted almost to the breaking point and his rectum is invaded by the gloved hand of a drug war enforcer.

A Michigan man was stopped for a suspended license last year. Cops, acting on a hunch, brought Kevin Campbell back to the jail where Allen Park Police Officer Daniel Mack would forcefully penetrate his anus. This was also caught on video.

This list goes on.