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Polk County, GA — Disturbing footage has just been released this week showing the incident that led to a Georgia jail supervisor being charged multiple felonies. In the video, Deputy Harry Dallas Battle is seen repeatedly tasering a man in the mid section while he is strapped in a restraint chair—a clear act of torture.

The man being tortured, Brandon Coffman has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the jail after he was left permanently injured by the incident. After being seen on video torturing a restrained man on July 7, 2016, Battle was arrested the following August.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Battle was charged with battery, making a false statement, and violation of oath of office.

However, even though Battle was charged after investigators watched the video, when the Polk County Grand jury heard the matter, it did not return an indictment.

After torturing an entirely restrained man—on video—and lying about it in his report, the deputy escaped all charges and was allowed to quietly resign from the sheriff's department.

"Dallas took his taser, took the cartridge out of his taser and dry stunned Mr. Coffman while he was strapped in his chair," the deputy in the room with Battle told Coffman's attorney.

"As you can see from the photos," Coffman's attorney noted, "he suffered several burns, not just electric shocks going through your body—but the burn of the taser as well."

Indeed, as the graphic photos show, Coffman suffered multiple burns all over his mid section revealing the horrifying nature of his torture.

Had it not been for Coffman's attorney, Harry Daniels, the public would have never seen this video. After watching it, one is left questioning how on earth a grand jury would return a No Bill.

As the video begins, Coffman is seen strapped to a restraint chair. Next to him is another inmate who is also in a restraint chair. Although the reason for the inmates being placed in the restraint chair is unclear, what is entirely clear is that neither of them posed any threat whatsoever.

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As Coffman sits entirely helpless in the chair, deputy Battle repeatedly tasers him on his bare skin for absolutely no reason. In what looks like a scene out of a horror movie, as he tasers him, the deputy moves in, grabs Coffman's leg and puts his head next to his victim's as if he is getting off on it.

Another video, also obtained by Daniels, shows Battle herding inmates around with the taser in their backs. The use of a taser in this fashion is not only unjust, but against all taser policy.

"Battle walks around Polk County Jail with tasers on inmates. He walks around with the taser out. It's a show of force," Daniels said. "It's just like on officer on the street walking around with his gun out. That is completely against our society and morality."

Below is the horrifying video.

If you'd like to let the Polk County Sheriff's Office know how you feel about their deputy being allowed to resign while facing no charges, you can do so on their Facebook page, here.

Police torturing other human beings with tasers, while they're strapped in restraint chairs, is something that should never happen in the ostensible land of the free. Sadly, however, as TFTP has reported, it does.

Jordan Norris knows all too well about police torture in America. In the extremely disturbing video that TFTP reported last year, Cheatham County Sheriff's Deputies are seen holding Norris down with a gag while another deputy sadistically and repeatedly deploys the taser. Naturally, Norris squirmed as 50,000 volts ran through his body. His movement seemed to provoke the deputies who responded with more taser strikes.

At one part in the video, you can hear a deputy tell Norris, "I'll keep doing that until I run out of batteries."

These are just two of the incidents which were caught on video. How many more of these exist that have been swept under the rug?