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Fannin County, TX — A rather disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing a young mother being savagely attacked by a Texas deputy because she told him to get off her property—otherwise known as contempt of cop.

As the video shows, the deputy is investigating a call from the neighbors of Joi Eachus, 22, over allegedly aggressive dogs. When the deputy asks the neighbors if the dogs ever bit them, they said 'no.'

After the deputy interviewed the people who called him, he then went to the home Eachus lives in, which is owned by her parents who were not home. When Eachus answered the door, she was polite and answered all of the deputy's questions honestly.

"We have a pit puppy, who has never bitten anyone," Eachus says. "She just has a very aggressive bark."

The deputy asked her if her dogs ever get out and Eachus explained that they have a hole in the fence where the dogs may have escaped.

"OK, that's going to have to stop," the deputy tells her.

"Can you ask them if my dog bit them?" Eachus asks the deputy.

"Today, no," the deputy replies.

"But I'm fixing to go talk to somebody. Apparently, one of them bit someone on the back of the leg."

"When?" Eachus asks.

"I do not know. I haven't talked to them yet," replies the deputy.

"OK," she replies.

"Is there any way I can see the dogs?" asks the deputy.

Eachus, knowing her rights, told the deputy that she was not comfortable allowing him in her home because her parents were not home.

When Eachus refuses to allow the deputy in her home, his tone shifts from inquiry mode to aggressor. The deputy then begins asking typical investigatory questions, despite knowing what house he is at and who lives in it.

The deputy then appears to be wrapping up the talk and then starts leaving, lecturing Eachus on the potential consequences of her allegedly aggressive dogs.

As he starts walking away, Eachus goes inside, noting that she was going in to put her baby down.

This freaked the deputy out who then let himself into the home — without a warrant — and began to verbally accost Eachus.

"Do I need to call my mom so you can talk to her?" asks Eachus.

"I'm fixin' to take you to jail," the deputy threatens.

"For what?"

"Because you keep interrupting me," replies the deputy.

"You can't take me to jail for not letting you talk," explains Eachus.

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"Because I'm here, because of your dogs."

The deputy continues to ask Eachus if she understands and she continues to reply that she does. But the deputy would not let it go.

Eachus nicely asks the deputy to leave several times and he refuses. Eachus then calls her mother who tells her daughter not to let the deputy in the house. The deputy even talks to the girl's mother on the phone and the mother tells him to get out of her house.

When Eachus' mother asks the deputy why he is in her house, the deputy lies and says, "Because these dogs continue to run free. And she slammed the door. And when I went to knock on it, it came open."

However, the deputy's own body camera showed that he pushed the door open and walked in.

"OK, have a good day," the deputy says to the mother and he puts the phone down as she's still telling him to get out of her house.

At this point, Eachus is outside demanding that the deputy leave. But he continues to refuse.

Instead of leaving, he then attacks the young mother.

"Get off me! Get off me!" Eachus screams as the deputy throws her to the ground by her neck.

The deputy then pins her to the ground as the girl begs him to get off of her.

"I can't breathe," she says. "I don't know why you are doing this to me."

Eventually, backup arrives and that's when the deputy began lying through his teeth.

He tells his sergeant that Eachus "ran inside and slammed the door" and so he "knocked" to get her to come back out, but that the door opened.

As seen on the video, that is not what happened. The deputy was walking away in a long-winded lecture and Eachus simply went inside, which is her right to do so.

He then tells his sergeant "that finally, I couldn't keep up with everyone, so I was gonna detain her." But "detaining" Eachus consisted of him brutalizing her and throwing her to the ground.

Clearly, this deputy was scared of two young women and to "protect" himself, he attacked one of them.

TFTP could not find any arrest records for Eachus so we can assume that she was released from the handcuffs after this incident.

Below is this disturbing footage.


After all this happened, on Thursday, police showed back up at the residence. This time the officer claimed he was responding to some erroneous vehicle complaint. The entire time he was at their home, he had his hand on his weapon. Harassment?