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Vineland, NJ -- A graphic new video has emerged capturing the brutal murder of New Jersey man, Phillip White, by Vineland police. As we reported earlier this week, White died in custody late Tuesday morning after police let a K-9 maul the handcuffed man as they beat him into the ground.

The video gives a clear and disturbing view of the 32-year-old's final moments, as well as an attempt by one officer to confiscate the evidence of the murder.

Upon realizing the incident was being filmed, the officer approached the man recording and asked,

"Did you see what happened over here? All of it?"

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When the man confirmed that he did, the officer demanded his information and attempted to confiscate the footage.

A top-ranking law enforcement official, not connected to the investigation, was deeply disturbed by the actions of the officers involved. He commented anonymously, saying officers should have called off the dog immediately after bringing White under control. Furthermore, the expert said the officer demanding the recording of the event had no right to do so.

An independent investigation is being launched by White's family attorney, Conrad Benedetto, who stated, "There are great concerns about the circumstances that surround this death."

After declining to comment on the initial video released, Vineland police have thus far ignored calls seeking a response on this footage of the incident.