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Paramount, CA -- 28-year-old Oscar Ramirez was shot and killed this week when he was allegedly attempting to break up a fight in Paramount, California.

Oscar Ramirez

The police initially claimed that the man had a gun, and said that a witness reported that one of the people fighting had a gun. However, the police were unable to recover a weapon from the scene of the shooting, even after an entire week of searching.

According to Ramirez's older brother, Kristian Ramirez, Oscar was shot by police when he was trying to break up a fight between a 14-year-old and a 20-year-old who was armed with a knife. Kristian says that his brother, and the two people who were fighting all started running when police arrived on the scene.

During the chase, the officers shot at the young men, hitting Oscar and killing him.

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"Shooting someone. My mom’s birthday is Friday, my dad's birthday was last Saturday, my birthday just recently passed a week ago, and now we’ve got to bury him you know. Not the right way to go," Kristian Ramirez told NBC News.

The incident occurred near Paramount High School, which was locked down by police for a short period of time just after the shooting.

"We were in the bleachers I was doing my homework and all of a sudden I heard six gunshots. We went on top of the bleachers and then 10 minutes later we saw a bunch of cops, like about six cops, around the railroad tracks," one student told reporters.

It is not clear if the two people who were fighting actually got away or if they were later apprehended by police.

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