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Trenton, NJ -- On Tuesday, multiple FBI agents arrested Trenton police officer Drew Inman who was part of an ongoing investigation into multiple bad cops in the department. Inman and his fellow cops were seen on body camera footage attacking an entirely compliant and surrendering Chanzie Washington and then bragging about it, before lying on the police report.

The FBI launched the investigation last year into Inman, former TPD officer Anthony Villanueva, and Mark Kieffer III over Washington's arrest.

According to the Trentonian, it is unclear if Villanueva was also arrested, but an indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Trenton shows both he and Inman face multiple federal charges, including deprivation of rights under color of law and falsifying police records.

"Trenton Police department was aware of the the investigation and cooperated fully with federal authorities. The appropriate departmental administrative actions will be taken," Capt. Stephen Varn said after one of his cops was arrested.

As the multiple videos show, Inman, Villanueva, and Kieffer were caught on body camera footage savagely beating Washington during an arrest in 2017. Washington had originally run, but then stopped, put his hands in the air and complied with all the officers' orders.

Despite offering up his complete compliance, Villanueva began pummeling Washington who had his hands in the air at the time. Seemingly smelling the blood in the water, after Villanueva started his attack, Inman and Kieffer joined in to beat the helpless man.

Suspiciously enough, although Villanueva and Inman were both indicted, Kieffer, who is the son of Capt. Mark Kieffer Jr., was not charged in the indictment and not mentioned by name.

After the beating, Inman can be seen on the body camera footage bragging about attacking the compliant man with his buddies, noting that he "beat the sh*t" out of Washington. When this bragging began, another officer is seen warning Inman to stay quiet, as he pointed to his body camera.

Washington had led police on a rather epic chase, swimming across a canal and running through thick brush before he finally surrendered. However, as the video shows and the indictment notes, Washington was not a threat, had his hands up, and was complying with police when he was attacked.

“Without issuing any warning or command, defendant Villanueva moved swiftly towards victim 1 and punched victim 1 in the face,” the indictment states.

As the officers punched and kicked Washington, their victim screamed out in agony, begging police to “Stop hitting me in the face.”

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After they had beat the hell out of Washington, both officers went back to the station to file false reports, painting Washington as the aggressor. Apparently, neither one of them knew how body cameras worked.

Villanueva and Inman “knowingly made numerous misrepresentations, false statements and omissions in an effort to portray Victim 1 as the aggressor and an ongoing threat,” the indictment says.

As you watch the video below, remember that although Washington originally ran, he was completely in police custody when they attacked him. He was surrendering and was no threat, yet these cops decided to dole out pain and violence anyway.

Cops in Trenton are apparently receiving very little training in how to deal with suspects and even innocent people without resorting to violence.

Just last month, TFTP reported on another video of a Trenton cop beating and dragging an entirely unconscious man.

As the video shows, the officer is seen dragging the limp body of the man around. The man's inability to move or react to the officer seems to infuriate him even more, so the officer begins smashing him into the ground.

As the officer attacks the unresponsive man, he yells, “get up and get out now” repeatedly, while using profanities.

Around the 25 second mark into the video, the man is completely unresponsive as the officer makes a phone call. After he finished the call, the officer resumed yelling at the unconscious man.

He's then seen punching the unconscious man, whose head was on the ground partially inside his sweatshirt.

"There was no resisting. He wasn't even speaking," said the anonymous woman who took the video.