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Lake County, FL — As TFTP reported this week, Florida school resource officers always seem to be in the news for abusing or otherwise causing grave harm to the children they are allegedly sworn to protect — and this week, they proved that notion. On Wednesday, we reported on a school resource officer who was seen body-slamming a high school girl in an attempt to break up a fight — knocking the girl unconscious in the process. Then, just a day later, another school cop in a school only 50 miles away, was seen tasering a female student who reportedly stood up to someone trying to bully her.

Adolescent quarrels are a frequent occurrence. As hormones rush in, children attempt to assert control over their environment as well as other children and the result can often manifest into a fight.

In the past, if a fight were to break out at school, the teachers, and in some cases the students, would rush in to pull the students apart. However, as the video below illustrates, this is no longer the case. Heavy handed police tactics are now used as school resource officers are apparently too afraid of getting in between children.

According to a report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the female student is alleged to have punched at the officer. However, this is not seen on the video and the description of the video originally posted to TikTok alleged that the girl was fighting against a boy who bullied her.

In the video, the deputy appears to separate the female from the other student and she is several feet away from her when he deploys the taser. The girl immediately drops to the ground.

According to

BREAKING: another incident involving an SRO and a student, this time in Lake County. The Sheriff’s Office just gave us the deputy’s report of what happened. I’ll have a live report in 4 minutes on @WFTV.

— Megan Cruz (@MeganWFTV) January 28, 2021

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">WFTV, a department spokesperson said this started as a fight between students. The deputy tried to break it up, but he said the girl started punching and slapping him. He said he tried to get her to stop but she didn’t, and that’s when he used the Taser on her.

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Sadly, as schools across the country rely more and more on police to force student compliance, instead of training and common sense, this scenario becomes more common.

Previously, the Free Thought Project reported on 6-year-old Nicholas, who is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. Nicholas was kidnapped from his elementary school by police and imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital.

He was held, including multiple stints in a 'seclusion room,' for three days at River Point Behavioral Health -- for a temper tantrum at school. 

If a 6-year-old boy was taken by police from a school and locked in an isolation room in the 90's, you can rest assured that this would not fly. The same goes for a teenage girl being tasered in the cafeteria. Now, however, police force as a reaction to childhood problems has become the go-to approach in the land of the free.

In fact, recent videos have revealed a myriad of school cops attacking unarmed students. Officer Rigo Valles was cleared of any wrongdoing after grabbing a student by the neck and slamming him to the floor. Before that, Richland County Deputy Ben Fields was fired after students recorded him flipping over a girl’s desk and dragging her across the floor. Oklahoma City Master Sgt. Thomas Jaha was charged with assault and battery as well, after repeatedly punching a student in the face for not having a hall pass.

And these are the ones the public knows about. How many more incidents, just like this one, go unreported and unpunished?

What this data illustrates is the societal dependence on the state to solve matters that should be handled without government. Being dependent upon the state to solve one's problems is a de facto dependency upon violence.


If you truly want a glimpse into the horrid effects of the police state on all school children, take a scroll through our archives, at this link.

Until people wake up to the reality of relying on a system of violence to maintain "order" and behavior compliance, we can expect this problem to get worse.