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Alpharetta, GA — In the land of the free, if law enforcement witnesses you driving your personally owned vehicle with dark window tint or without your seat belt on, they will pull you over and issue a citation, otherwise known as extortion. If you refuse to acknowledge this extortion, or attempt to resist it, you will be kidnapped and caged. If you refuse to be kidnapped and caged, you can and will have violence brought upon you, and can and will be killed. The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous traffic citations over the years, which started over victimless crimes and ended with someone getting beaten or killed.

Rose Campbell, a 67-year-old grandmother learned this the hard way when she was targeted for revenue collection by Alpharetta's finest back in May of 2018. She is now suing the Alpharetta police department for physical injuries that required surgery, emotional trauma and has the fact that she's been unable to work consistently since the incident.

On that fateful night, Campbell was working as a ride-share driver when she was pulled over by a cop who accused her of not staying in her lane. Campbell claimed she never swerved out of the lane, refusing to sign the ticket, and began asking for a supervisor instead.

Officer James Legg became extremely frustrated with the fiery grandmother that night and as his dashcam shows, he began cussing and screaming at the woman before physically assaulting her.

“Shut the (expletive) up and get out of the car,” Legg is heard saying in the video.

This model cop then proceeded to start dragging the woman from her car — over an alleged lane violation — before other officers on the scene showed up to help him take the grandmother down.

According to her lawsuit, Campbell says her constitutional rights were violated. She also alleges that her back, shoulder, neck and knee were injured due to the violence doled out by the officers, the suit says.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Legg later resigned from the department, but defended his actions of swearing and violently ripping the grandmother from her car over crossing a line drawn on the road.

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“Maybe I should not have used profanity, but its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

As for Campbell, she said the incident has left her physically and emotionally damaged and she lives in a constant state of fear of police brutality. After all, if police will attack elderly grandmothers over alleged lane violations, then no one is safe.

"Now I can't trust a blue light. I can't. It's damaged me. It's hurt me. Left something in my soul that I can never forget," Campbell said. "If nothing else comes from this, I want justice to occur. True justice with a capital 'J.'”

Since the incident, according to the lawsuit, Campbell has lived in invariable pain from her injuries.

“Plaintiff’s injuries are permanent, as she has undergone surgery for a separated shoulder, treatment for her back and neck, and is scheduled for surgery for her knee,” the lawsuit states.

As you watch the video below, and see cops rip a grandmother from her car and throw her around like a ragdoll, remember that her only alleged "crime" was crossing a painted line on the road.

While cops attacking grandmothers over traffic violations may seem a bit over the top, TFTP has reported on countless similar incidents. We've seen people pulled over for window tint who end up dead. We've also seen children run down and shot over stops for improper bicycle lighting. The list is endless.