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Indianapolis, IN — In the land of the free, police claim the right to detain and extort you for failing to signal a turn in your vehicle. If you do not immediately comply with said detainment, police will claim the right to use violence and often deadly force against you to carry out this extortion. Kim Townsend learned this the hard way.

Townsend, who was beat to a bloody and severly injured pulp during a traffic stop last year has filed a federal lawsuit against Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The lawsuit claims police used excessive force during an arrest on January 6, 2016. The horrifying arrest was captured on video.

“All I know is that I was on the ground,” said Townsend, after she was tackled for failing to stop for police trying to pull her over for failing to use her turn signal.

“I felt a punch in the back of my head. I felt a kick to my face and someone stepping on my hands and feet,” said Townsend.

FOX 59 was given video of the arrest by Townsend’s attorney, Greg Kulis of Gregory E. Kulis & Associates Ltd, who says the use of force by police was unnecessary, unreasonable and unprovoked.

“This is a matter where you have trained law enforcement that acted in a totally outrageous manner,” said Kulis. And outrageous it was.

“Police officers grab her in a very forceful manner and throw her to the pavement like she is a rag doll. As a result, Kim was seriously injured,” said Kulis.

As the video shows, police officers tackle Townsend, sending her smashing into a door before she is violently thrown to the ground. As the officer is throwing her down, he positions his knee in her gut sending all 200 pounds of his body weight into a single painful blow.

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Townsend was not resisting, and in fact, appeared to be unconscious for a spell as other officers joined in on the melee. She was kicked, kneed, punched, and the life nearly squeezed out of her as police piled on top to make sure they let her know that trying to avoid extortion for a turn signal violation would be met with extreme force.

Naturally, police will claim this insane escalation of force was necessary because Townsend failed to immediately stop and led police on a 5 mile long chase through town as she made her way to her house.

According to the police report, Townsend stopped her car in the alleyway at the Julian Center on North Meridian and got out of her car. Investigators say she tried to run inside of that building, FOX 59 reports.

“I was not running away from them. That is where I lived,” said Townsend.

As a result of the brutal beat down given to her by police—over failing to use a turn signal—Townsend suffered torn ligaments, knocked out teeth, and a fractured bone in her face. Townsend is suing for compensation for medical bills, which have exceeded $80,000, and is currently facing charges of resisting law enforcement and operating a vehicle as a habitual traffic violator.

“I’m just trying to take it one day at a time to build my life back up,” she told FOX 59.

According to the news outlet, they reached out to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and IMPD about the case and asked them to review the surveillance video with us and provide an on-camera interview or written statement. Both departments say they do not comment on pending litigation.

Below is a video that perfectly illustrates the nature of the state. Violence is their only tool and if 100 percent compliance is not immediately given, this tool will be used over and over again.

Remember, as you watch the disturbing footage below that this woman had not harmed another individual, she had not stolen, nor damaged anyone's property. All this force was escalated and carried out over a turn signal.