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Milwaukee, WI — In May of 2017, two West Milwaukee police officers broke down the door to Adam Trammell's home, confronted him as he stood naked in his shower, and tasered him 18 times until he died. This month, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has decided that the two cops responsible for this horrifying incident will not be charged.

On that fateful day, officers Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz “responded to a medical emergency under complex circumstances that required them to attempt restraint,” Chisholm wrote to West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis L. Nasci.

However, according to investigative reports, Trammell, 22, who suffered from schizophrenia, did not exhibit any signs of needing medical attention as police arrived and began to forcibly remove him from the shower.

What's more, if authorities claim he was in need of medical attention, why would they respond by attacking him in the shower with tasers and brute force? This was not help.

"These police tortured Adam Trammell to death," said Robin Shellow, one of the attorneys representing the Trammell family, according to JSonline"This was not 'help.' They were not protecting or serving anyone. Naked, cold, confused, alone in his own bathroom and crying for Jesus to take him, he needlessly suffered."

As the highly disturbing body camera video shows, Trammell was naked in the shower—entirely calm—when police broke down his door. As the innocent mentally ill man stood in his shower, the curtain is then ripped back and an officer says twice, "Brandon, I'm going to need you to come on out," referring to Trammell by the incorrect name.

As Brandon was not his name, the confused Trammell did not respond which made the officers escalate force. "You're going to get tased," the officer barked before deploying the taser on a naked man in his own shower. Trammell then falls to the floor in pain and begins to panic as the two armed intruders proceed to torture him—to death.

It is important to point out that Trammell never posed a threat to officers. He was entirely calm, naked, and did absolutely nothing wrong except not respond to the name Brandon. He had harmed no one, had committed no crime, and he was attacked and killed by people claiming to help him.

Over and over again, as Trammell screams out in agony, the officers deploy their tasers, shocking this innocent man up to 18 times. The repeated tasering caused Trammell to go into distress and this young man spent his last moments of consciousness in agonizing pain while vomiting profusely.

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According to the medical examiner's report, Trammell suffered a black eye, a broken rib and more than two dozen cuts and bruises.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence showing the attack on Trammell, Chisholm concluded there was “no basis to conclusively link” the death of Trammell to the officers’ actions.

"The family first saw the video at the DA's office. So yes they've seen the video and they weep every time they see it," the Trammell family's attorney Mark Thomsen told WISN. "We had a young man in a bath tub naked, OK? Why they engaged in tasing for 15 to 18 times is beyond my imagination.

"For no good reason -- and essentially tortured to death," Thomsen added. "That should not happen to the mentally ill in our community."

However, it did, and now, thanks to a failure of a justice system, the officers responsible for for it will not be held accountable. Instead, the taxpayers of West Milwaukee will likely shell out millions for the murder of Adam Trammell.

"This is a nightmare. I can’t believe this," Larry Trammell, the victim's father said. "I think those people should resign. The D.A. and the chief of that police department."

We agree.

If you'd like to voice your concern over this incident, you can do so on the West Milwaukee Police Facebook page, here.

You can also call the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's office at (414) 278-4646. Or visit his Facebook page here.

Warning, the video below is extremely graphic.