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Tulsa, OK — If you were to read the police and press report Marico Ferrick's arrest in September, you would think that this "criminal" with "ten charges" attacked an innocent police officer for no reason, head-butted him, and spit in his face. However, the officer's body camera footage, released two months later, shows a completely different story of a young man getting held at gunpoint, choked, pepper sprayed, and kidnapped all over stop for a broken taillight.

According to the police and the press who ran the story without question in September, when the unnamed sergeant with the Tulsa police department pulled Ferrick over, Ferrick became hostile and attacked the officer. According to the video, however, that is not what happened.

As the body camera video shows, it was the officer who was the aggressor. Ferrick had just pulled into a parking spot at his mother's home and didn't know a police officer was even behind him. As he tries to get out of the truck, the officer runs up on him and hold Ferrick at gunpoint — over a broken taillight.

Being afraid for his life, the 25-year-old yelled inside for his mother to come out.

It was at this point in the police report that the sergeant claimed Ferrick head-butted him so he had no other choice but to deploy pepper spray. Read the report from KRMG below:

That's when Ferrick started resisting arrest by head-butting the officer and spitting on him.

The officer used pepper spray to get Ferrick cuffed.

Open and shut case of a dangerous criminal being apprehended after a stop for a broken taillight, right? Wrong.

As the video shows, no head-butt ever occurred. Also, Ferrick never actually resisted. He gave the officer both of his hands behind his back and allowed himself to be handcuffed. What's more, the pepper spray wasn't deployed until after Ferrick was already in handcuffs. Why this officer felt the need to handcuff a man over a stop for a taillight is also a mystery. If Ferrick would have been a white woman in a Mercedes Benz with a broken taillight, would this officer have acted the same way?

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The alleged "spitting" is a farce too. As the videos shows, the officer places his hand on the throat of Ferrick for some unknown reason. Ferrick then tells the officer, "oh, you wanna kill me? Choke me? Do it. Kill me. Do it." When the officer removes his hand from Ferrick's throat, he then douses the handcuffed man's face with pepper spray with much of the blast going inside the man's mouth. In a reaction to having his mouth filled with a chemical weapon, Ferrick spit it out.

He appears not to spit on the officer deliberately, and even apologizes to the officer after it happens. The officer seemingly acknowledges that Ferrick didn't spit on him intentionally as well.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to spit on you, but you sprayed it in my mouth," Ferrick says. "I am sorry, I can't breathe sir."

"I can't breathe either," the cop says who quite literally got a taste of his own medicine.

The officer then allows Ferrick's mother to get water for both of their faces. Another officer then arrives on scene and Ferrick is arrested and brought to jail. The entire violent ordeal was over a broken taillight.

Justifying their actions, the police claimed to find a tiny bit of marijuana in Ferrick's pocket. they also found a driver's license for a retired cop in his vehicle. Police say the retired cop lost her license at a casino. How Ferrick came in possession of the license is unclear, however, there is no crime in finding someone's license and trying to return it to them. As the license belonged to a woman, it was highly unlikely that Ferrick would have tried to use it himself.

Ferrick has since been hit with a slew of charges over the incident which will likely land him behind bars for a significant amount of time if he is convicted. His charges include assault and battery upon a police officer, possession of a controlled drug without a prescription, and driving without a license. Showing the unnecessary nature of the stop, Ferrick never received a citation for a broken taillight.

Below is the video showing how immediately escalating to deadly force over a taillight stop is not only asinine but dangerous for everyone involved.