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Lemon Grove, CA — A video uploaded to YouTube Sunday shows several San Diego cops escalating their use of force on a suspect for seemingly no reason. The video has now sparked controversy online as it shows multiple cops run up to what appears to be a subdued suspect and proceed to unleash a violent fury upon him.

The video begins with two officers holding a suspect face down on the ground in between the rails of a handicap access ramp. “We’re done trying to talk to you,” one of the officers says and then claims the suspect tried to tackle the two officers.

Incredulously, the suspect responds with his own question saying, “I tackled two of ya’ll to the ground? Are you serious?” The man couldn’t seem to comprehend why he was being held down.

Andrew Grant is the man behind the camera and explained what happened to KGTV news.

“I was going to go to the store and get some food and I was pulling into the parking lot," Grant said. "And I see two officers sitting on top of a gentleman.”

The two officers looked as though they had everything under control, but two other squad cars approached. One of the officers came running over to the man and started shouting expletives and barking orders. “Get off your fucking hands or I’m going to break them,” he shouted. Then he started kicking the man in the side of his rib cage.

The man received no less than 14 strikes to his torso and head. Another officer appeared to smash and smear the man’s head, dragging it along the pavement in an apparent attempt to cause injury. All the while the four officers were administering street justice, they were yelling, “Stop resisting!”

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As TFTP has reported, police officers are trained to use those words so they can not only charge the suspect with resisting arrest but can justify the beating in the eyes of bystanders. However, Grant wasn’t buying it. He stated aloud, matter of factly, “He’s not resisting.” He even attempted to inform the officers that he was not resisting arrest, perhaps running the risk that he, too, would become a target of their aggression.

Grant recorded the incident stating he was at “Food for Less” in Lemon Grove, California. He then told the officers they were being recorded on “Facebook Live.” But none of his soft-spoken attempts to get the police under control were working. They continued mistreating the suspect.

“I was wondering what was going on honestly, like what would cause that kind of reaction because he seemed pretty subdued," Grant said.

Other bystanders were asked about the incident, and they also confirmed the man was being properly restrained, under control, when the other officers came over and “started beating him for no reason.”

In a statement, the department said the suspect in the video is Dan Jones - a man who was wanted for reportedly abusing his girlfriend. Police claimed Jones shoved two officers to the ground when they went to investigate the claims.

The statement goes on to justify the multiple knee strikes, kicks, and punches claiming that Jones kept his hand from being cuffed. However, in the video, we can clearly hear the rather large man state that his hands don't fit in that position—a common issue among larger people.

Grant told KGTV, that despite now knowing the cause of the arrest, he's glad he caught in all on camera because he still believes that punching and kicking Jones was "inappropriate."