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Kinloch, Missouri - Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town says that she was assaulted by police after she called 911 to report a burglary in her apartment complex.

mayor attacked

“In the back of my apartment I called 9-1-1 thinking they were going to help,” Wilson said.

Unfortunately, "help" is rarely what actually arrives when the police are called, as Wilson soon found out.

As the police arrived, Wilson approached them and let them know that a suspicious person was seen going in and out of a nearby building. That is when police told her that she was under arrest, and instead of explaining anything they moved to physically apprehend her.

Naturally, not knowing why she was being arrested she resisted their physical contact and was assaulted as a result. After the scuffle Wilson took photos of bruises on her face and arms.

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An eyewitness said, “The three officers wrestled her to the ground. That did not need to happen.”

Wilson was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance and treated her for the injuries inflicted during the scuffle. Although Wilson was not taken to prison, she was formally arrested and released on her own recognizance from the hospital.

Captain Dan Clyne of the Bel-Ridge Police Department told reporters that the police officers did what they had to do to get handcuffs on her, and that he was told that she was resisting arrest. However, they should need an actual reason to arrest someone before they charge them with resisting arrest. “Well, they are not supposed to beat anybody. I’m told that they attempted to place you in handcuffs and you resisted. They got you in handcuffs, you were placed in a car, and a far as they were concerned, they thought it was done,” Captain Dan Clyne said. During the encounter, Wilson demanded that the officers read her rights, but the officers refused and informed her that they were actually not required to do that.

The entire ordeal was caught on video, and now the Bel-Rigdge police department says that they are investigating the issue. According to the Riverfront Times, Wilson and her supporters went to the Kinloch Police Department Friday morning to get answers, but officers blocked the driveway to the department and ordered them to stop filming. A quick Vine clip of that encounter can be seen below.

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