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Jay Brown Sr., a hospital housing administrator and seminary student caught a violent arrest on camera Jan. 11 in Rockaway, NY (Queens). Brown said the man driving the white Camaro, Stacy Marcellin, was pulled over by the NYPD and immediately harassed by New York’s finest. He said the police officer pulled Marcellin over for failure to use a turn signal. But before the incident was finished, the motorist would be tased and beaten.

Marcellin told Brown, “They’re about to pull me over because I’m black,” as he entered the parking lot of a local car wash. Brown says the police officer pulled over Marcellin and approached the car. Brown says the officer aggressively demanded the motorist’s drivers license by saying, “Give me your fucking license.”

That address angered the motorist who, according to the police officer, responded by saying he would “break his jaw.” While it’s difficult to hear exactly what the motorist said during the traffic stop, what can be heard seems to dispel all doubt.

The two were arguing, mainly over why the officer stopped him. He told the officer that he noticed him behind him and would never have neglected to use his signal. At any rate, the plains clothes officer called for backup, and a dozen police officers showed up.

Brown says black people are pulled over all the time in Queens for what TFTP and others have labeled “driving while Black.” He claims to have several nice vehicles he cannot drive on the city’s streets “five feet” without being pulled over. In a TFTP exclusive, Brown told us he’s been pulled over no less than 15 times in 4 years and simply avoids the area.

After waiting awhile, the motorist attempted to get out of the car. One of the other officers cursed at him and told him to stay in the car. The first officer returned, pulled out his taser, and pointed it at Marcellin’s face and began a tirade of f-bombs.

Brown told the officer he had to “remain professional” and cease using the foul language but the officer was not to be reprimanded. He explained, “When the man tells me he’s going to punch me in my face and break my fucking jaw...I’ve asked him six times for his license. He’s been refusing since then.”

The motorist claimed to have a “learners permit” but said he couldn’t find the license inside his wallet. Brown told us Marcellin was transporting the rental car from the lot to the car wash and back again, something he does daily. But what started out with him just doing his job, quickly turned scary for the young man. And what followed is sure to open an investigation within the NYPD.

After backup arrived, they facilitated the trigger-happy police officer in tasing the suspect. Police opened the car door, the man got out, stood up, and then was swarmed by the gang of police. They stood him up long enough to face the taser-armed police officer and allowed him to tase him. One officer can be seen stomping on the man’s hands, and another kicked him in the head.

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”All because he did not signal,” Brown said adding, “This is what happens when you piss off the NYPD."

“You just kicked me in my face. I didn’t do nothing,” the man said.

”He told me they were going to pull him over because he was Black...That’s crazy,” Brown concluded.

Members of the community recognized the man and, like Brown, said he is an Enterprise Rent-a-car employee. They said he was likely taking the car to the car wash for Enterprise when he was pulled over, which he was.

Clearly, the police would not allow the man to get out of the car, even after saying he could not find his license. They also threatened to tase him for making threats, none of which could be heard on camera. But what the video clearly demonstrates is a group of police officers holding up a man long enough for their angry colleague to be able to legally tase him.

Marcellin will likely seek legal counsel to properly determine if his 4th Amendment rights were violated. If so, with Brown’s video, he will likely win a civil rights lawsuit in court.

The practice of illegally stopping and frisking NY residents may have been ordered ceased, but Brown’s documentation of Marcellin’s potentially illegal traffic stop, his detainment, the violence perpetrated against him, and his subsequent arrest appears to be a four-wheeled version of the old stop and frisk shake-down.

You decide. Do you think the police treated the man humanely or indecently? Do you think a person of another skin color would have been treated differently? Like, comment, and share below.