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Orlando, FL -- In the land of the free, if law enforcement witnesses you driving your personally owned vehicle with dark window tint or without your seat belt on, they will pull you over and issue a citation, otherwise known as extortion. If you refuse to acknowledge this extortion, or attempt to resist it, you will be kidnapped and caged. If you refuse to be kidnapped and caged, you can and will have violence brought upon you, and can and will be killed. The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous traffic citations over the years, which started over victimless crimes and ended with someone getting beaten or killed.

Janet Feliciano -- whose daughter was several weeks pregnant at the time -- had committed no crime and was walking into her home when two officers in an elite special enforcement division were on what they called "proactive patrol" began breaking into her home.

As Feliciano's adult children attempted to prevent the officers from illegally entering the home without a warrant, officers pulled her daughter from her house, slammed her to the ground and handcuffed her. When Feliciano's son attempted to protect his sister from the abusive tyrants breaking into their home and kidnapping her, he too was slammed to the ground and held down in handcuffs with Orlando police Officer John Earle's knee on his neck.

The home invasion, the potentially deadly knee to the neck and the multiple assaults, including on a pregnant woman, were all carried out because the passenger in Feliciano's car that day had been accused of not wearing his seat belt by these "elite" officers.

"Can you get off my neck? I can't breathe! I got asthma," the man says in the video.

“All I see is (them) putting their knee on my son’s neck, body. And I’m telling them, ‘My son, he can’t breathe,” Feliciano said.

Feliciano described during an interview with WFTV what happened from her perspective. "My son opens up the door, and once he opens up the door, the officer puts his foot at the door," Feliciano said. "By then, my son is already in the house and the officer is trying to make his way inside my house, and my son is telling him, 'No, wait. I will get him.' So I'm yelling for the boy (unknown passenger) to come out the house. They put the cuffs on him, but at no point do they say why they're putting the cuffs on him. But at no point do they say why they wanted him."

She goes on to state: "This is something you guys are used to doing in this area to other people and other people allow it. They don't come forward, report it, so it goes unknown as to the excessive force that's being done."

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The officers never told the family why they were attempting to enter the home and pull people out until after multiple people are assaulted and in handcuffs.

Because a seat belt violation is a civil infraction, the officers never had justification to enter Feleciano's home, much less begin assaulting the innocent occupants and arresting them.

According to WFTV, Feliciano's children were arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence, but the assistant state attorney refused to prosecute the case and dropped the charges before sending a notice to Orlando police legal, describing the officers as overzealous with no legal basis to hold the door open.

“It is unimaginable that you pull a car over in their own driveway for a seat belt offense you cannot be arrested for,” Attorney Howard Marks, who represents the family said. “It’s a civil infraction, and from there, you wind up going into people’s home, pulling people out, throwing people on the ground, putting knees on people’s neck. There is nothing that the officers did correctly here, and I cannot imagine that the Orlando Police Department would condone this type of activity. But apparently, they do over and over and over again.”

Marks is correct. No officers involved in this incident were disciplined at all. What's more, the chief defended their actions, going so far as to justify the knee to the man's neck.

"He's being held to the ground," Orlando police Chief Orlando Rolon said as he defended his officers. "He's also able to communicate the entire time. The way the officer is holding him is not going to restrict his ability to speak, not going to restrict his ability to voice his concerns about the situation, so keep that in mind."

What's more, according to WFTV, the officer who put his knee on the man’s neck has been disciplined before for turning off his body camera twice and has more than 30 supervisory referrals in his six years with the department. In one case, he pursued a vehicle that had been parked across three parking spots, shocked the driver with a stun gun after he caught up with him and turned off his body camera more than once after he was in handcuffs.

Showing just how bad the problem is, this cop with a history of violence and corruption was named Officer of the Year in 2017.