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Grand Rapids, MI — An infuriating video has been shared with the Free Thought Project showing just how sadistic and sick some of the police officers working the protests are. A non-violent, unarmed, and arguably innocent man was practicing his right to free speech when he was pepper sprayed in the face and then shot with a tear gas grenade.

The Grand Rapids police department is now claiming to have opened an "investigation" into the utterly horrifying acts of their officers. We won't hold our breath.

As the video shows, the man simply walked toward the officers and was doing nothing but talking to them. With absolutely no reason to do so, one officer douses the man's face with pepper spray causing him to turn around.

As he tries to catch his breath from being sprayed, another officer takes aim with his tear gas grenade launcher and shoots him in the face with it. You cannot make this stuff up. These officers need to be arrested and jailed now before they hurt anyone else.

“It’s despicable, this young man is clearly walking towards the officers…lets even give them the benefit of the doubt," Ven Johnson, a police brutality attorney, said. "We don’t have any video, of what happened before that. Who knows what they’ve been told. Who knows what happened before. But he’s walking toward the officer, in a relatively non threatening manner…clearly has nothing in his hands except maybe a cigarette.”

“It looks like he got shot with a projectile," Johnson said. "Whether it hit him or not I don’t know…that was shot at his person. That is horrible, tragic. We want to know why things are escalating? This is a perfect example where the police could have stayed back, stayed in line, said nothing, which they’re trained to do. They’re trained to de-escalate. Not escalate."

Bystander James Curley says he witnessed the whole thing.

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“Some people were lighting fireworks, that were just going straight up, because we have a point to make," Curley said. "Black Lives Matter. Police brutality needs to stop."

“(He) Walked up to the line of police, to express his freedom of speech," Curley said. "The cop stepped up to him and pepper sprayed him. Completely no threat after that. Don’t know what’s going on. They shot him, it looked like they shot him, from the chest to the head with some type of flash grenade."

Curley says this is exactly the type of action being protested. It is also what turned the peaceful protests into riots.

“After that, that’s when things started escalating," Curley said. "Police started shooting off more of those flash grenades at everybody there. That’s when they started rioting."

Others backed up the notion that police provoked violence toward protesters that kicked off riots.

“I don’t know what would of happened last night if the police hadn’t provoked violence, but I do know that the police provoked and caused violence in downtown Kalamazoo last night,” Kalamazoo resident Matt Lechel wrote. “What they did was unnecessary and harmful and almost seems as if they wanted to start a fight.”

Below is a video illustrating why there is so much anger directed at police right now. These people are trying to protest police brutality and the police react with more brutality. When they are shooting people in the face with tear gas grenades, they are shooting innocent grandmothers in between their eyes with rubber bullets. 

This is why America is burning.