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Wilmington, DE — The family of Lymond Moses is speaking out this week, calling for the officers who killed him to be fired and prosecuted. The family says the body camera footage of Moses' death — released this week — refutes the official account of how police claim it originally happened.

On Jan. 13, around 1:10 a.m., police claimed Moses' vehicle was "suspicious" so they initiated a senseless interaction. When police approached Moses, he had not harmed anyone, he had not broken a law, and was merely sleeping in his own vehicle which is not a crime, yet they opened both of his doors and began interrogating him. Just a few minutes after police approached him, Moses would be killed.

As the footage shows, three officers approach Moses and begin to berate him with questions for sleeping in his car. Moses tells the officers repeatedly that he lives nearby and wasn't doing anything wrong. However, officers saw that Moses had a little bit of cannabis in his car, which gave them cause for the escalation of force.

“All right man, well we’re just out here man looking for stolen cars, we see you sleeping and you got weed sitting right here,” the officer says. “We thought we make contact and make sure you are all right.”

Moses tells them that the car is not stolen.

“Nobody said it was,” one of the officers says. “We just said that’s why we are out here looking.”

One of the officers then tells Moses to “hop out” of the vehicle while another officer tells him not to resist and to cooperate.

“If it’s just weed, we don’t give a s*** about weed,�� one of the officers says.

At this point, after realizing the car was not stolen and the officers admitting that they "don't give a s*** about weed," the interaction should have ended. But it did not.

For some reason, Moses would make the mistake of not complying, which would end up costing him his life. Instead of exiting the vehicle, Moses started it and drove away as officers told him to stop.

The pursuit lasted only seconds as Moses immediately trapped himself in a dead end.

“Stop the f*****g car,” yells one of the officers.

"Don't do it," another officer yells.

Moses then deliberately swerves in the opposite direction of the officers in a clear attempt to avoid hitting them. As he drives around the officers, they open fire into the side of the vehicle, executing the unarmed man whose only "crime" had been sleeping in his car with a little bit of weed.

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After they killed Moses, police initially claimed that he swerved toward officers in an attempt to run them over “at a high rate of speed,” and they had no choice but to open fire.

As NBC 10 reports, during a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Moses’ wife, two sisters and a family attorney said the newly released video refuted that.

“They were not in harm’s way,” attorney Emeka Igwe said. “And that refutes them opening fire. When it shows that Lymond was not facing any officer directly, that he was swerving around them and that they just decided to open fire through his windows as he went through them, they weren’t in harm’s way. And then they got behind the vehicle and they were still shooting.”

Igwe explained the entire stop was unconstitutional and police violated Moses’ rights by “illegally opening up the doors of his vehicle.”

“In the wake of George Floyd we’re in a different time where officers have to be held accountable,” Igwe said. “We’re not against all law enforcement. We appreciate law enforcement. Many of the officers out here are good examples of law enforcement. But what occurred to Lymond Moses by these rogue police officers must be accounted for. And they must be held accountable.”

Moses' widow, Amanda Spence called on the president to intervene in her husband's death.

“I’m pleading and calling on Joe Biden to please hear my calls and answer and help us get the justice for Lymond Moses that we need,” Spence said. “Please Joe Biden, come together for your hometown and help us get justice. Please!”

Given Biden's pro-police state history, however, it is extremely unlikely that her pleas for his help will be heard, much less heeded.

Though this video is damning and clearly shows the officers killed Moses for no reason, Igwe says there is more to it.

“That video is redacted. There’s audio that shows the whole interaction from the very beginning,” Igwe said. “I couldn’t help but notice that the audio of the officers when they first approach the vehicle is missing. And that video exists. So we’re asking New Castle County Police to not put out a propaganda video. Release the whole video, unedited, without your commentary, that has all the audio from beginning to end.”

So far, the department has refused to be transparent and the officers have not been named.

“Conclusions about whether the actions of the officers are consistent with departmental policy and the law will not be made until all facts are known and the investigation is complete,” New Castle County Police Lt. Brian Faulkner said.

Below is the disturbing video.