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Brusly, LA — Video footage has been leaked by an insider at a Louisiana middle school of a resource officer slamming a student to the ground and then pummeling him. During the melee, staff members watched on with anxiousness as the massive officer wrestled the student half his size.

According to the report, the incident happened on October 5th and never made the news until the footage was sent by an anonymous source to WAFB.

As WAFB reports:

The footage shows a young male student, believed to be 14-years-old, walk into the office and approach the desk where staff members appear to help him make a phone call. Sources familiar with the case said the student had just gotten into a verbal argument with the school’s vice principal and was in the office to call his grandmother to come pick him up.

About 15 seconds later, Brusly Police Officer Anthony “Kip” Dupre enters and begins saying something to the teen and pointing at him. No audio was recorded, so it’s unclear what was said.

The boy remains standing in the same spot until it appears he no longer wants to make the phone call. He steps away from the desk and walks toward the exit. The officer, who towers over the teen at about twice his size, steps toward the kid, puts him in a rear choke hold, and slams him to the ground.

Once on the ground, the scuffle is mostly obscured from the camera, but the officer can be seen placing his eyeglasses on top the desk as he wrestles the student for nearly a minute. At one point, the officer’s right arm and shoulder are seen making forcible, jab-like movements in quick succession, as if he were throwing punches.

According to the report, the teen allegedly admitted to going for the officer's gun and the video shows the officer's gun actually come loose. As the struggle continues, one staff member picks up the gun and moves it away from the pair.

After struggling with the teen for almost 2 minutes, the officer is seen picking him up once again, this time in a headlock, before slamming him down to the ground once more.

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Some of the staff cannot stand to watch the scene unfold in front of them and one woman covers her face to shield herself from the violence.

The officer then pins the boy to the ground and holds him there until a second officer arrives, officer Dan Cipriano. Officer Cipriano then handcuffs the child and slams his face into the desk before dragging him outside.

After the officers leave, the staff members don rubber gloves and begin cleaning up the mess the officers made with the boy's face.

According to the report, Louisiana State Police is investigating the incident over allegations of excessive force. An LSP spokesman told WAFB that they are in the final stages of that investigation and are preparing to release their findings to the District Attorney on whether or not charges will be brought against one or both of the officers.

The DA says that it will bring the case to a grand jury, regardless of the LSP's findings.

As you watch the video below, ask yourself whether or not this school cop's original force was necessary at all. While the boy may have needed to be disciplined, it was the officer who initiated the force. This is the problem with cops in schools.