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Albuquerque, NM — Because America has a "justice" system designed protect itself rather than dole out anything close to actual justice, the ranks of law enforcement are full of repeat offenders. Cops can literally murder unarmed and innocent individuals begging for their lives on their knees and not only remain out of jail, but also retire with their full pension. As the following video illustrates, cops are allowed to beat and even kill people, face no consequences, and leave a trail of suffering in their wake.

A man's failure to use his turn signal to make a left turn last January put him in the cross hairs of Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy Jeffrey Bartram — a repeat offender. Bartram has a violent and deadly past as a cop and when this unnamed driver crossed paths with him, the driver would become part of that past.

The stop for failure to use a turn signal would quickly turn violent after Bartram accused the driver of being drunk. To be clear, the only "evidence" of intoxication thus far was the driver not turning on his blinker. Nevertheless, Bartram moved in to arrest the driver, escalating to entirely unnecessary and dangerous violence.

“It’s a DWI stop, whether it’s legitimate or not, turned into a use of force situation,” says Attorney Nick Sitterly.

As the video shows, the driver is entirely compliant. He has his hands on his head and is listening to everything he is being told. For some reason, as Bartram moves to place the driver in handcuffs, he body slams him into the concrete instead. Then, after he was already on the ground and being held down by Bartram's fellow officer, Bartram starts punching him.

Every bit of the violence doled out by this raging officer was unnecessary and excessive.

“Bartram, you can see him kind of grabbing his wrists, and then after about two seconds, he just grabs him and lifts him up, and slams him on the ground,” says Sitterly. “My client was fully cooperative at that time, yet the officer continued to use force,” Sitterly added.

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According to the criminal complaint, Bartram wrote that the driver refused to put his hands behind his back after being told to do so multiple times. However, in the video it was clear he had his hands behind his back. Bartram also claimed that the driver resisted so he had no other options except for applying dangerous force. Again, as you watch the video below, you can see that this is a lie as well.

“That kind of lack of awareness of the risk to human life, that’s a level beyond losing your cool,” says Sitterly. We agree.

Sitterly's client will undoubtedly win a hefty settlement as Bartram's past is less than stellar when it comes to his interactions during traffic stops. In 2014, Bartram pulled a man over because the video of his license plate was obstructed. That man's name was Adam Padilla and he would not make it out of that traffic stop alive. Months later, the DA cleared the killer cop.

Two years after killing Padilla, Bartram pulled over another man — this time, for talking on his cell phone. Like the driver in the video below, that stop ended with Bartram brutally beating his victim.

Starting to see a pattern?

The driver's attorney describes this problem and pattern perfectly, noting that “When somebody gets away with it, they start to realize they can get away with it. They continue to do worse and worse things.”

Ensuring the future suffering of others, Bartram was not fired for any of these use of force incidents and is still gainfully employed with the BCSO. Citizens of Albuquerque beware, a dangerous killer cop with a history of violence, is patrolling your streets.