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Los Angeles, CA — A 63-year-old blind man announced a lawsuit this week against the LAPD alleging officers suffocated him as he was strapped to a gurney in a hospital. The victim, Michael Moore was innocent and has the video evidence and an acquittal to support his claims.

The incident took place in February of last year after LAPD officers responded to Moore's apartment in South Los Angeles and beat him, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

According to the lawsuit, on Feb. 28, 2019, officers arrived at Moore’s home after he got into an altercation with a woman who had been using his kitchen. The woman and Moore argued about cleaning the kitchen before the woman punched Moore and then shoved him down a flight of stairs. The lawsuit stated that the woman also told Moore she could have him killed.

KTLA reports that before officers arrived, firefighters responded and Moore told them he could drive himself to the hospital, court filings state. But after they left, they allegedly told LAPD officers waiting outside that Moore has mental illness and is blind.

As an injured Moore sat inside his apartment, police crept in without identifying themselves, according to the claim.

“Mr. Moore did not realize that he was already surrounded by police officers, who had crept up the stairs without identifying themselves as police or even announcing their presence,” court filings state.

As cops surrounded the legally blind man, one of the officers allegedly said, he is “like blind so, he doesn’t even know we are out here,” according to the lawsuit.

According to KTLA:

Moore felt someone grab and twist his wrist, and officers “twisted his neck, slammed his head to the floor, beat him, and jammed their knees into his back,” the lawsuit states. They allegedly did not respond when he asked why he was being arrested and carried him down the stairs in handcuffs.

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Remember, he had committed no crime and was the victim in this situation.

After violently assaulting the blind man, Moore was taken to Dignity Health – California Hospital Medical Center in downtown L.A., where body camera footage shows cops strapping him to a gurney.

As a half dozen cops and multiple medical workers strap the blind man to the gurney, he begs them to show him some "dignity." This request was met with a hand to his throat and a towel shoved over his nose and mouth by cops.

According to the lawsuit and the video, the officer pressed harder and harder on the blind man's nose and mouth until Moore could no longer breathe.

"I can't breathe!" Moore yells multiple times until he falls completely unconscious. According to the lawsuit, the cop was “pressing his hands on Mr. Moore’s face for another minute, at one point repositioning his hands to press even more firmly on Mr. Moore’s mouth and nose.”

According to the lawsuit, this action blocked Moore’s airway, causing him to lose consciousness and make his body go limp.

Only after Moore is limp for several moments does the officer remove his hand from the blind man's face. A medical worker then removed the towel to reveal their unconscious victim.

According to the lawsuit, the LAPD falsely claimed Moore resisted arrest and threatened firefighters and an officer. Moore was subsequently arrested and thrown in jail where he spent 139 days in a cage awaiting trial as he was unable to afford bail, court filings state.

When his case finally went before a jury, and the evidence was presented, Moore was acquitted on all charges. The taxpayers of Los Angeles will now undoubtedly be held responsible for the actions of the sadistic cops who had the gall to beat and then suffocate an innocent blind man.