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The cop claims he "feared for his life" after acting as the aggressor and approaching the two paramedics, who did nothing to him, and punching them.

San Diego, CA -- A surveillance tape from a Golden Hill 7-Eleven was just released which shows a San Diego cop assault two members of an ambulance crew.

The trial began Tuesday for Anibal Solis, a parking enforcement officer with the SDPD, who is accused of attacking a paramedic and EMT from Rural/Metro.

During the trial Solis says he heard the paramedics call him a "Nazi."

"As he's holding the door, he hears it: 'F*** Nazi.' He sits in his vehicle. He says, 'You know, this isn't right,'" said attorney Michael Bordeaux.

The EMT and paramedic, Derek Shubin and Steve Cogle, say they never said that and never even spoke to the officer.

However, even if the paramedics did refer to Solis as a Nazi, it did not justify the the following aggressive actions of this cop.

The surveillance video shows that Solis came back into the store and aggressively approached Shubin.

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"He got extremely heated and then he proceeded to tell me, 'I will f*** you up,'" testified Shubin, "He moved his left hand into a fist … He grabbed my left arm and jerked my arm back."

The video then appears to show Solis, who is a former amateur boxer, delivering a punch.

"I shoved him back and immediately when I shoved him back he took a swing, striking my right side jaw," said Shubin.

At this point is when Cogle stepped in to help Shubin by placing Solis in a chokehold. According to ABC 10, prosecutors pointed out that Solis was still shouting and clearly breathing fine during the hold.

After he releases Solis from the chokehold, Cogle appears to try to diffuse the situation. Defense for Solis then made the predictable argument that Solis "feared for his life" after the chokehold, which is why instead of running away, he attacked Cogle.

The prosecution rightfully claims that the video clearly shows an aggressor acting not out of fear but out for blood.

Claiming to be in fear of his life in a situation which was entirely instigated by Solis, serves to illustrate just how easily that claim is thrown around.

Sadly, had the 7-Eleven not recorded this incident on surveillance cameras, it could be Cogle and Shubin on the other side of that court room aisle.

Solis is on desk duty pending the result of the trial, which should wrap up Wednesday according to ABC 10. Cogle and Shubin have also filed a civil suit against the city of San Diego.