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Colorado Springs, CO — When John Mullins stepped out of the shower back in February of 2019, he never expected there to be a police K-9 waiting to pounce on him, mauling him to the point of hospitalization. However, the taxpayers of Colorado Springs will soon be shelling out money to Mullins, because that is exactly what happened.

According to police, they were executing a warrant over alleged package theft at Mullins' residence. The 48-year-old was accused of stealing multiple packages, and was actually caught on video in the act.

For stealing other people's property, Mullins certainly deserved to be arrested and held accountable. However, because of the way police handled the situation, his arrest will likely turn out to be profitable for the package thief.

According to police, detectives from the Colorado Springs police department alongside the U.S. Postal Service executed a search warrant to locate the stolen items in February of 2019.

When officers arrived that day, they deployed a K-9 unit. The newly released body camera footage shows the officers at the front door to Mullins' home with the dog, announcing themselves four times.

The only problem was that Mullins couldn't hear them because he was in the shower. To arrest a person for package theft, police then released the K-9 who confronted Mullins as he got out of the shower, naked and certainly unarmed.

“It’s just ridiculous. It's "Robocop" thinking. It’s sadistic and it is brutal,” said civil rights attorney David Lane who is representing Mullins, according to 9 News.

We agree.

As the K-9 enters the bathroom it immediately latches onto Mullins' leg and begins tearing into his flesh.

“I was in the shower,” Mullins yells, as police demanded he show his hands while the dog remained latched on to his leg. Showing your hands while a dog tears into your leg is a nearly impossible feat, so Mullins did not immediately comply.

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“They won’t take the dog off him until he shows his hands, which is so counterintuitive to human instinct,” Lane said.

Adding to the entirely unnecessary nature of releasing the dog is the fact that both Mullins' mother and sister were inside the home when police arrived. Instead of simply asking them to retrieve the alleged package thief from the home and have him come outside, they removed the mother and sister and sent the K-9 in instead.

“The cops are going to say that everyone is a threat, but that doesn’t mean you get to sic dogs on everyone. You have to be reasonable. He was in the shower naked. All they had to do was ask mom and sister, ‘Oh where is he?’” Lane explained to 9News.

When asked why they would send a K-9 in to arrest a man for stealing mail, the department's policy notes there are several factors that come into play when deploying a K-9.

"The subject’s history of violence/resistance, including any past history of the subject being armed with a weapon," the police policy says.

Lane said his client was not acting violent and despite the fact that he has a previous charge for resisting arrest, the police violated his constitutional rights with the use of the K-9.

Package theft should not be punished with severe lacerations via dog teeth to one's leg. Sadly, that is exactly what happened.

“It could have been fatal to Mullins. He was really worried he was going to bleed out and they had to do major surgery on him to save his leg,” Lane said.

Below is a perfect example of excessive force. When your only tool is a hammer, everything, even naked men in the shower, begins to look like a nail.